“Beacon Hill” recap (1.4): Decisions, Decisions

It’s another beautiful day in Boston, but State Representative Katherine Wesley’s mind is firmly planted in the past. While sitting in her office, she reads a brief letter from Sen. Preston asking her to meet for lunch soon, most definitely to talk about taking over his seat. Her eye is drawn to a painting that adorns her office wall of a New England coastline, and we travel back in her memories to happier times. Time she spent with Sara.


It’s Sara’s birthday and the couple are dining al fresco, and drinking lots of red wine. They’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of the city to visit a beachside town. (Cape Cod, Provincetown maybe?)  Sara tells Katherine how desperately beautiful she is and they kiss like no one is watching. Sara wants to get under Katherine’s shirt, but Katherine suggests her pants might be a better idea, since she is sans underwear. Hello! Before they can tear each other to pieces back home, Katherine reminds Sara about the painting she’s been talking about since the previous year.  Katherine plans to buy the painting as a birthday present, so they go off, all hot and bothered…and drunk…to find the gallery.


Once they get back to their place and hang the painting, Sara has buyer’s remorse. That’s why you shouldn’t buy high-ticket items when you have a red wine buzz and a rocket in your pocket, ladies. Katherine isn’t too put out by the fact that she spent a fortune on the painting, because she has some big news to share with Sara.


Katherine has been working for Sen. Preston (then State Representative Preston) heading up planning committees and whatnot, and she’s managed to knock his socks off. He’s offered her a position in his campaign, and wants her to take over his seat upon his election to the Senate. Sara is thrilled at the news.


Just kidding, she thinks it’s awful. Sara reminds her that while Katherine might be on the receiving end of Sen. Preston’s admiration right now, Sara is still on his shit list. He thinks she’s a disgrace to her family for being in a lesbian relationship. Katherine listens to Sara, but it’s obvious she’s got stars and stripes in her eyes. She reminds Sara that it would be a massive deal to have a lesbian serving in the Massachusetts Senate.  Sara is blinded by her own frustrations however. The couple was supposed to move to New York City while Sara worked an internship at a major magazine. Katherine promises they can make it work long distance and that this is an opportunity that she can’t pass up. Scratch that. Won’t pass up. Sara’s feelings are too clouded by her own misplaced anger to understand where Katherine is coming from. Katherine is too caught up in her own newfound glory to see how much this is killing Sara. When Sara realizes that Katherine isn’t asking for her approval, and that she has already made up her mind, she storms out.


Katherine’s thoughts return to the present, where she sits on the other side of her decisions. Another huge opportunity looms on the horizon, but Katherine’s heart is still tied to the past.


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