“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (4.16): And baby makes…UGH

Oh, Janet Tamaro. Why you gotta do us like this? Of all the crappy cliffhangers, this is by far the crappiest. But you know what? I refuse to be defeated by this. I refuse to back down. I know I said if Jane got pregnant I was O-U-T. But, believe it or not, I actually think this can be salvaged. But first, there needs to be a will to salvage it.

You see, the reason this show works is very, very simple. It’s not the mysteries. It’s not the plots. It’s definitely not the writing. It’s the camaraderie and chemistry between Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander on screen. Period, full stop. We watch because there are two strong, smart female characters working together who work well together. And, sad to say, that’s still too much of a rarity on TV.


I mean, are there really people watching at home saying, “I just want that nice Jane Rizzoli to find a fella, quit her job and start having kids?” I highly doubt it.

So here’s how we can still save this. If the writers insist on going through with Jane’s pregnancy (and that’s only if they insist–the phrase “pregnancy scare” has a nice ring to it), let her raise the child with Maura. I know, I know–my answer is always to have her do it with Maura. (More lesbian sex jokes! All week long, baby!) But, really, it just makes sense.


Those two will always be the heart of this show. Anything that pulls them apart–Casey, Frankie, Bella’s dad–makes this show weaker. But if a baby can bring them together, well, then I am all in for Rizzoli & Isles & A Baby. We all know it’s actually Maura’s anyway. What did they think would happen after all those years of unprotected eye sex?

Or, you know, Jan Nash could decide to make the whole season a terrible dream and have Jane wake up in bed next to Maura. And then they’ll laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Jane marry a guy and have a baby? Please, stop. I’m dying over here.

Well, we made it through another season. Group hug, Rizzles girls. Group hug.