“Once Upon a Time” recap (3.14): Witches and towers and fears, oh my!

Charming, Hook, Emma, and Regina head back to the storm cellar, but the lock has been busted open since they were there last. They go inside and find an empty cage. They try to figure out who on earth the Wicked Witch would keep in a cage, and they search and search for a hint in the five by five room they all barely fit in, until finally the spinning wheel surrounded in straw-shaped strands of gold clues them into the fact that it could possibly be Rumplestiltskin.

Regina looks weirdly pleased about this revelation.

OUAT 314-11-aThough she could just be enjoying her general proximity to Emma.

Next week, Neal comes back and hopefully gets turned into a flying monkey so Regina can rip the wings off his back with her bare hands.

What did you think of “The Tower”?

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