Vote now! March Madness Hunger Games – Round 2 Bonus: The Blade of Evil’s Bane!


As you know by now, during this year’s AfterEllen March Madness: The Hunger Games, we’re running bonus poll during every round of voting, the results of which — much like the actual Hunger Games — will give the winner an advantage over the other tributes. Round one saw Myka Bering of Warehouse 13 win a ride in the TARDIS, which she used to trade places with Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie Torres. The round two prize is: The Blade of Evil’s Bane! The tribute who wins the prize will be able to strike down any contestant of her choosing at the end of round 2 voting.

We know it’s not fair. That’s why it’s called The Hunger Games.

Voting will be open until tomorrow, April 1st, at 12:00 PM EST. You can vote once per hour between now and then.

Who do you think deserves the Blade of Evil’s Bane?