Doc Yewll is coming out in Season 2 of “Defiance”

The good news is about Season 2 of  Defiance is that a female character will officially come out. The bad news is she looks a bit like Voldemort.


Doc Yewll, Defiance’s brilliant but brusque doctor, is an Indogene, a technologically advanced Votan race. Doc Yewll is played by Canadian actress Trenna Keating, who you might have seen in Combat Hospital or Just Friends. Doc Yewll’s coming out came to light when I asked Jaimie Murray about Mia Kirshner’s departure and the possibility of future female love interests.

AfterEllen: Jaime, how do you feel now that you’re on‑screen love interest, Mia Kirshner, has left? And will you have any more female love interests in the coming season? 

Tony Curran:  Not if I can help it.

Jaime Murray:  Well, I think Defiance is quite an equal opportunities town and there’s lot of choice out there species‑wise and lots of sexy humans and Votanis to choose from.  I think maybe one of the interesting points this season is we might discover that Stahma’s not the only Votan who likes the ladies.

Kevin Murphy:  We are going to discover that one of our long‑standing characters, in fact, bats for the ladies. Doc Yewll is coming out this season.

After the panel ended, I chatted one-on-one with Jaime Murray (Stahma Tarr)  and Stephanie Leonidas (Irisa) about Doc Yewll, sexuality, and their picks for the AfterEllen Hot 100. First up was Jaime, a tall, dark, and glamorous Brit with a regal air and warm smile. She’s terribly sexy but wonderfully friendly.

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AfterEllen: Jaime, tell me more about Doc Yewll’s coming out next season! 

Jaime Murray: Well Defiance is set way in the future, so we are hoping at that point that it’s not really an issue. There’s a very casual way it’s revealed. It fleshes out characters, allows you more of an insight, and definitely rounds out Doc Yewll’s character and shows a softer side to her. It’s not a shocker but it’s part of the tapestry of Defiance.

AfterEllen:  So is she coming out as gay, pansexual, bisexual, what? 

Jaime Murray: Well I don’t want to give too much away, but you learn that the Votan who was Doc Yewll’s partner is a woman, and you meet her, and you discover that their history of a very rich relationship. Doc Yewll was actually a much more well-rounded person when she was with her wife. She was married actually. She was married to the woman.

AfterEllen: Every year in May, AfterEllen picks our Hot 100 women. Who would your picks be? 

Jaime Murray: There’s a few… Jennifer Lawrence, but of course everyone’s in love with Jennifer Lawrence. Angelina Jolie, I’ve always been partial to her.

Next I spoke with Stephanie Leonidas, who plays feisty Irathient Irisa. In person, Stephanie is a drop-dead stunner. During  my one-on-one interview with Stephanie, our heads tilted close together and I had a rather disorienting moment when I thought I might fall into those enormous amber eyes.

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AfterEllen: What’s your take on Doc Yewll’s coming out story line this season? 

Stephanie Leonidas: I think it’s brilliant. What I love the most about Defiance is that we’re reflecting things that are going on today constantly. I think it’s important to reflect human life through these aliens. It’s quite a beautiful story line. It’s important, but it almost feels weird to me that we have to still talk about it because it’s so normal. We shouldn’t be fighting for it anymore.

AfterEllen: Every year we do an AfterEllen Hot 100. Who would your picks be?

Stephanie Leonidas: There’s a few fighters, like boxers and things, that I like. I always go for the muscled kind of girl. I’m working on my guns at the moment. Growing up, I had a small crush on Christina Ricci. God, there’s so many and I’ll go back to my hotel and go “why didn’t I say her?” because it’s constant. I think that as women, we look at other women and want to reflect them in so many different ways as well. I’ve had so many crushes growing up on girls.

AfterEllen: Did you ever date a girl?

Stephanie Leonidas: Never, no. But I think girls are much more open than guys. They can easily go up to another girl and say, “You’re beautiful.”

Obviously at that point I really wanted to say “You’re beautiful” but instead I said, “Thank you” and walked away. What do you think of Doc Yewll’s coming out? Did you see this coming? Could you get down with lesbian alien Voldemort? Let me know @howtrite.