Vote now! Myka Bering vs. Lauren Lewis in The Hunger Games championship!


Welcome to the AfterEllen March Madness Hunger Games! A few weeks ago we started with 40 lesbian/bi characters and asked you to choose which ones would survive the actual Hunger Games. After hundreds of thousands of votes, a whole lot of scheming, and the repeated slaying and resurrection of Xena Warrior Princess, we are down to to two tributes: Myka Bering from Warehouse 13 and Lauren Lewis from Lost Girl.

Let their mentors tell you why they deserve to win.


Dorothy Snarker on Lauren Lewis: Why Lauren? The real question is, why not Lauren? Dr. Lauren Lewis is a human in a Fae world. A doctor and an activist. A lover and a fighter. Also, don’t get me started on her incredibly Hotpants. She may not have the sheer brawn or the super powers or the sharp teeth as some of her now vanquished Hunger Games competitors. But she makes up all for it with smarts. Damn, is she smart. So smart she can turn the supernatural into mere mortals. She knows all she needs is a level playing field to win any fight. Stronger than her? Not pumped pull of junk-melting STDs, you aren’t. Bigger than her? Please, nothing is bigger than Dr. Lauren Lewis’ brain. The woman has science on her side. Also, her Magical Vagina. Those odds, well, you just can’t beat.

Valerie Anne on Myka Bering: If you know who Myka Bering is, you know why you should vote for Myka Bering. Myka is strong. She has physical strength, sure — no one stands a chance against her and her Tesla — but she also also mental strength, emotional strength. A strength fueled by love. Because Myka is love. She doesn’t just feel love or have love or understand love. She is love. Everything she does is for love. Love of her job, love of the Warehouse, love of what’s right, love of Twizzlers, her friends, and H.G. Wells. Her love has saved the world more than once, and it can save the world again. It also helps that Myka has a Warehouse full of endless wonder. Strength, love and endless wonder. Is there anything better?

Now, it’s your turn to choose. Voting will be open until Friday, April 18th at 5:00 pm.

May the odds be ever in your favor.