“Orphan Black” recap (2.01): Clones as Clones on Clones

Sarah, Felix, and Cosima mill about Felix’s Loft and try to come up with a plan. Cosima says, since she’s already going to the DYAD event, she can just find Rachel and demand Rachel give Kira back. Yes, Cosima, the most adorable human. Demanding.

OB 201-5Good luck with that, petit chiot.

Ramone delivers a bouquet of flowers with a gun inside, and they Skype in Alison, who is very proud of her arrangement, and the handmade card inside. Cosima still isn’t sure the gun is necessary, but is pretty sure a plan is, since, as Alison points out, making rash decisions seems to be a genetic trait. Alison wishes them luck, and Sarah has an idea that she knows Alison will not like. She calls Rachel and tells her that she’s ready to make a deal, that she’ll meet up with them soon, and she’ll be driving a red minivan.

Daniel and his thugs pull up to said minivan, but it’s Alison they grab. Scrappier than she looks, she kicks and fights and maces these two large men, all while blowing her rape whistle. Unfortunately, she killed the neighborhood watch, so the men eventually succeed in getting her into the car with Daniel. She tells him that this is unacceptable and he surprises her by agreeing, and simply letting her go. She looks flustered but leaves with her head held high.

At the DYAD event, Cosima’s red coat and twisty hair appears, but when she looks over the top of her glasses and mutters, “shite,” it’s instantly clear we’ve got a little Clone Play going on. Sarah-as-Cosima sees Paul across the room, tucks her gun in her coat pocket, and starts to follow him. She’s interrupted by a beautiful blonde woman who she’s never seen before, but seems to know Cosima. She plays along by saying hi back, and is surprised when she leans in for a kiss.

OB 201-6“Ah yes, I’m ready to pretend to be Cos—oh aaaand we’re kissing.”

Before Sarah-as-Cosima can say anything, Delphine calls Leekie over, who is happy to see the little clone. Sarah adorably flails her hands around, in the same way physically that Cosima does, but way more arbitrarily. “Cosima” surprises Leekie by demanding her own lab and then giving him a hug, during which she secretly swiped a pass. While this interaction was going on, Delphine was watching on, very confused. As soon as Leekie leaves, Delphine immediately says, “You’re Sarah.” Sarah says it’s nice to meet her, too.

They stand really close together so that, from the outside, it would seem like they were having a private, intimate conversation, but Sarah makes it very clear that she doesn’t trust Delphine whatsoever. She tells her Rachel kidnapped her family, and Delphine is genuinely surprised by the news. She has never even met Rachel. Sarah uses Cosima as leverage to get Delphine to tell her where Leekie’s office is and runs off to find the ProClone.

OB 201-7I don’t even think Cosima’s face knows how to frown that hard.

Rachel finishes up a science-y presentation and, after everyone clears out, Sarah weasels her way into the office to confront her. Now that Sarah is in her sights, she admits that she doesn’t actually have Kira, that the house was trashed and empty when they got there. Sarah doesn’t believe her, and fires a warning shot, causing Rachel to look visibly shaken for the first time since we’ve met her. Sarah pins Rachel to the ground and presses the gun to her face, growling threats into a face that looks like hers, but with a lot more fear lining it, presently.

OB 201-8Oh you know, just Tatiana Maslany pinning Tatiana Maslany.

Just then, Paul walks in, and the signature smug look overtakes Rachel’s face once more. Sarah pistol-whips her and gets up to face her ex-monitor. Paul tries to get Sarah to turn around so he can take her in, but Sarah punches him in the face. They have a little moment, then Paul lets her go.

Sarah heads straight to Art’s apartment, where he tells her that he knows that it wasn’t the DYAD that took Kira, but, based on information from the diner scene, it must have been the Proletheans. Helena’s people.

Meanwhile, nearby, beautifully screechy music is playing over the sight of bloody combat boots trudging down a hospital hallway. A thick accent says, “Excuse me, my sestra shot me in the chest.” She might be disheveled, bleeding, and looking worse for wear, but HELENA. IS. ALIVE.


We wished it, we thought we knew it, we doubted it, but oh how we hoped it. But it’s true. Our angry angel has come back to us.