And the winner of the Lesbian/Bi Character Hunger Games is…


One month ago, we asked you which Lesbian/Bi TV character would win the Hunger Games. And then we asked you to prove it. Over six rounds of voting, the Internet’s toughest gay lady fandoms pushed their favorite characters forward, while voting them into special bonus prizes along the way. Xena Warrior Princess, for example, was killed and resurrected and killed and resurrected and killed in only one week. (Much like the actual show.)

The championship came down to two of the most established fandoms on the Internet: The Zoie Palmer Army, which loses fewer voting competitions than — well, any fandom in history, actually. They were only strengthened by Zoie Palmer’s recent acceptance speech at the Canadian Screen Awards, where she publicly thanked her female partner for the first time. And the Nerdsbians of Warehouse 13, who have received shout-outs from both Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly for being better than Syfy’s official (paid) marketing department. The Nerdsbians are the ones responsible for the show getting a final season, if you want to know the truth.

The final few days of voting were fraught! Accusations of cheating came flying from both sides! On Friday afternoon, right before the polls closed, I emailed Lauren Lewis’ mentor (Dorothy Snarker) and Myka Bering’s mentor (Valerie Anne) and explained the situation to them. I also gave them a handful of Nightlock berries and asked what they wanted to do. They split the berries between the two of them and agreed that if there couldn’t be a fair winner, there should be no winner at all. Luckily, I intervened before that did something ridiculous (like bring Xena back from the grave a fourth time) and agreed with them that this year, Lauren Lewis and Myka Bering would share the AfterEllen March Madness title! For the first time ever, here are your co-winners!


As you know, they must begin a tour around the country and be married immediately.

Apparently the odds really were in our favor.