“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.20): Skye’s the limit

[Valerie Anne here again. I almost felt like the powers that be knew I would be temporarily taking over these recaps and gave me a Best of Skye episode.]

Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ward revealed he was on the A team—I mean, Hydra and killed Eric. Skye found out but is playing along, pretending she’s going to decrypt a hard drive for Ward as soon as they get to a specific location.

We open with someone complaining about the US Congress not understanding anything and being generally useless. And that someone is Maria Hill!

AOS 210-1

She knows she’s being followed, but when she notices the three people she pegged as spies go down for the count, she hangs up quickly and is ready to fight. Luckily it’s just Agent Malinda May who has come to ask for Hill’s help. Well, more specifically, to ask for Hill to help Coulson, since he doesn’t trust May anymore. May asks who was in charge of performing the TAHITI procedures on Coulson, because if it was someone in Hydra, Coulson might be a sleeper agent. Hill says she doesn’t know and that she can’t ask Fury because he’s super dead. May doesn’t buy it.

It’s unclear whether or not Hill will help Coulson when officers swoop in to apprehend Hill. She hilariously tells them they were too slow and that if it were up to her, she’d fire them.

Back at the Providence base, Coulson is going over what little surveillance they have with what’s left of his team. Fitz runs through it for what might be the hundredth time. May leaves through the front door, Skye and Ward leave holding hands, then the Bus takes off.

Simmons decides the best way to snap Coulson out of this cycle is to make them all some food. (Girl after my own heart.) Fitz cuts Triplett off to go help her. Fitz is trying to talk somewhat seriously when Simmons is like LET’S MAKE PANCAKES!

AOS 210-2A little maple syrup and we’ll all be right as rain!

They split up, Simmons to get the ingredients, Fitz to fire up the griddle. Fitz walks by a bathroom and notices that the “window” inside the room is set to the nighttime landscape, but the hallway window is daytime. So he goes in and removes a screwdriver he finds wedged in the corner of it. The dayscape scrolls up and scratched into the image is the message WARD IS HYDRA.

At that exact moment, Simmons looks up and sees Eric in the vent of the storage room. Pancakes saved the day! And also scarred poor FitzSimmons for life.

On the Bus, Ward is spray painting over S.H.I.E.L.D. symbols so Skye goes snooping through some cabinets. When Ward catches her, she says she’s looking for the phone to check in on the team, but Ward insists he just talked to Coulson and everything is just fine.

Skye tells him that the coordinates that will unlock the hard drive encryption point to the diner where we first met Skye back in the first episode. Ward gets all close to her and takes her gun from out of her waistband, and he has suffered a complete Ezra Fitz transformation, so everything he does is extra creepy. For example, when he tells Skye, “I’m not going to let you out of my sight.”

AOS 210-3Well, shit.

In Providence, Fitz is on the fritz. He refuses to believe that Ward is Hydra. He was their friend! A little cold and aloof, sure, but not evil! But when Simmons finishes her autopsy, she confirms that Eric was killed by someone who was about 6’2″, strong, and broody. It was definitely Ward. Fitz starts slamming his head against the wall and Coulson tells him to focus this energy and use it to find and save Skye.

AOS 210-4Simmons is scared for her girlfriend.

They figure out that since Ward is Hydra, that means Garrett is alive and Hand is dead (RIP) and he came back for the hard drive. Coulson trusts that Skye has a plan and will be stalling, but he still would like to find her sooner rather than later. After all, her alien powers haven’t kicked in yet.

At the diner, Skye is telling Ward to stop being annoying and staring at her. He can tell she’s being overly confident overcompensating for something and she covers by saying she’s thinking of Mike Peterson. They have a veiled conversation about turning on people you care about and she goes back to pretending to decrypt the hard drive.

Coulson and Company are interrupted in their Save Skye mission by an intrusion of US armed forces. There was a lot of witty one-liners, specifically of Coulson’s, that made me giggle this episode, but I think the Whedonest one of all was when Coulson called out to the colonel, “If I come out, will you shoot me? ‘Cause then I won’t come out.”

Luckily he doesn’t have to worry about getting shot because these men are here for none other than Maria Hill.

AOS 210-5And that, my friends, is how you make an entrance.

Hill has some offers for Coulson, pleas and compromises, but Coulson doesn’t want any part of it. His team is all he has now, and he’s a man down. He tells Hill about Ward being Hydra, and she is not pleased—she vetted him! This injustice is all she needs to hear, and when the colonel comes back in, she kicks his ass. Hill is on Team Coulson.