“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.22): Swiss Miss

As Meredith’s voiceover advises us, sometimes it’s good to get the hell out of  Dodge. It can help give us much needed perspective. Sometimes, you need a good dose of it, especially when your head and your heart have become so mired in all the things you have lost or could lose one day. Even while Cristina’s star is on the rise, she can’t help but feel stuck. She’s been invited to the Cleveland Clinic to speak, but considering the Harper Avery winner works there, she’s not interested. A clinic in Zurich has invited her present as well, but she’s hesitant. Meredith tries to encourage her to go for it, and take a few days off. First, duty calls.


Richard has called a board meeting, conveniently without Jackson, to discuss some big news. Dr. Russell is abandoning ship, and so will other doctors as soon as word gets around that no one at GSM is eligible for Harper Avery Awards. Richard is on an absolute tear about the foundation, and wants Cristina to appeal the decision. Not interested in being the poster child for righteous indignation, Cristina balks. Without these awards, the hospital will lose top talent. Without top talent, they will lose money. Cristina has about enough and storms out with Meredith hot on her heels.

In the sonogram room, a gloomy Jackson and April get a look at their little one. Neither can muster up any excitement because they are still pissed at each other. The doctor performing the sonogram mistakes this for a desire to end the pregnancy, which horrifies April.


Amelia and Derek (who are twins, in case you forgot) are working together on a major surgery. They will be separating conjoined twins, 25-year-old Annie and Lizzie Cooper. Accompanying them is their lifelong pediatrician Dr. Kenzie. The girls crack jokes, but this surgery is serious business. They really have no choice now since Annie’s heart is failing from working too hard pumping blood for the both of them.


Alex, who is wearing a suit!, drops Jo off for work. It’s so weird because GSM doesn’t feel the same without him, and Jo tells him so. He jokes that she can’t do her job without him around, which naturally ticks her off. Alex, that expensive suit doesn’t make you immune from being a jerk face sometimes.

Since the Coopers’ surgery is so complicated, nearly the whole damn hospital is involved in one way or another. The Shepherd’s will do the brain business, Callie will take care of the skull, Avery will cover reconstruction, and the residents will likely fuck something up.

Experiencing a wonderful recovery is little Brayden, whose parents watch him in awe, not having a clue that Dr. Bailey actually went ahead and gave him the genomes anyway. His mother is smug, but his father is worried that Dr. Bailey is avoiding them because she’s mad. Well, sir, yes, she is avoiding you, but not for the reasons you think.