“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.22): Swiss Miss

Sitting alone on a room, clutching a pillow, is Frankie’s mom Sabine. Cristina finds her and discharges her two remaining children to heal and grow stronger at home. You can’t heal here, Cristina tells Sabine. Taking her own advice to heart, Cristina boards a plane to Zurich to do a little healing herself.

The next time we see her, she is eating a lush breakfast in front of the worst green screen version of Zurich in the world. Seriously, I’ve seen better alpine backgrounds in a community theatre production of The Sound of Music. Anyway, Cristina is having an amazing time in her hotel room in her giant, fluffy bed, eating croissants and chocolate and being overall fabulous. She tells this all to Meredith’s voicemail.


Jo finds Dr. Bailey to convey her conversation with Brayden’s parents. His labs are in and he now has over 500 T Cells. Jo has no idea how this happened, but we do, and so does Bailey. Both Owen and Arizona interrupt Jo to assign her to their patients. Jo is the only resident not in on the Cooper surgery, so she’s stuck juggling a few too many balls.

In the surgical prep, Derek keeps referring to his sister as Amy, not Dr. Shepherd, so she calls him out on it. She’s a brain surgeon for crissakes, not your waitress at Olive Garden, Derek. (Soup, salad and breadsticks for life.) Afterwards, Amelia acknowledges to her lifelong position as Twin B.

You know what is super cute? Dimples and tousled hair. Oh hi Arizona! Our plucky peds attending is collecting baby names to present to Callie. There are awful ones like Agamemnon, mixed in with cute ones like Raynbow. (We know you are gayer than a box of birds Ari, but please don’t name that child, Raynbow. You might as well call her Unicorn Lesbianmoms. Didn’t you watch The L Word? Oh wait…never mind.) Moving on, she chats April up about the wee baby soon to be planted in her wife’s womb, and April keeps her own baby news to herself.


In Zurich, Cristina is delivering a lecture on her conduits and totally killing it with that updo. Soon a voice rises up from the crowd, and it’s enough to make the hair on the back of her neck stand up. The voice continues and gets clearer, and before you can say, “Mama took my eyebrows” Preston Burke appears in the light. Instead of having a panic attack like I do whenever I run into an ex, Cristina keeps her cool. Burke, the last time we saw you, you were dumping Cristina at your own wedding. This was, a weeee bit dramatic, no?  After the speech, Burke sticks around and Cristina finds out that it was Burke that sent for her, and this clinic, is his. He was worried that Cristina wouldn’t respond if she knew he was behind it. He asks Cristina to scrub in for a surgery, as if he didn’t rip out her beating heart six years prior. She hesitates and tells him that she needs to make a phone call. He sends Meredith his regards. We all may grow up and evolve, but Burke knows some things never change.


Of course, Cristina doesn’t reach Meredith, so she has to leave another voicemail. Meredith is listening to it, as Owen sits across from her in the cafeteria. She has to hide her shock when the message tells her about Burke. At another table, the residents all sit, watching Leah use a powertool to practice drilling into the Cooper sisters skull. This was the exact procedure that she so colossally failed in Callie’s OR. She manages to screw it up at the table, but Shane gently talks her through it. I know that Shane can be an ass, but he is actually quite good at teaching.

April and Jackson are having a depressing lunch and halfheartedly discussing baby names. Jackson shuts down any that could doom their child to a life of awful nicknames. When Jackson sees Richard, he confronts him to find out why he was left out of the board meeting. Richard gets all heated and calls the partnership with the Avery Foundation a “doomed marriage.” You can practically hear April gulp.