“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.22): Swiss Miss

Poor Jo has 99 problems…literally; she’s got like a hundred patients. Her routine procedure on an elderly patient hits a snag, just as Arizona drops by to roll her eyes and chastise Jo for not taking care of her peds patient. A little help, Arizona? Nope? OK. Jo calls Alex who is busy, and she chickens out asking for help.

When Derek and Callie get a moment alone, she warns him not to treat his sister like an idiot. He’s taken aback, and denies that is the case. He knows his sister is a very capable doctor. Derek also realizes that the research he was doing with Callie has taken a new direction: one without him. She has created a new prosthetic, without the need for Derek’s sensor’s after all. Give this woman a Harper Avery! Oops, too soon?


In Zurich, Cristina listens to Meredith’s voicemail about Burke. Mer reminds Cristina of all the pain, and all the eyebrows she lost while with Burke. Of course, Burke walks up to Cristina mid-listen. She tells him that she will be leaving and unable to scrub in with him. He gives his patented Burke smirk that is still on point after all these years. “You are manipulating me,” Cristina says, and asks if he’s been following her work. Of course he has, he replies, don’t even try to pretend you haven’t been following mine. He shrugs off her concerns and insists that she scrub in to this new, groundbreaking surgery. Well, how can a girl resist?

The Cooper sisters are about to go under the knife when Dr. Kenzie pulls Meredith aside. He asks her about the twins and who has the best prognosis. He’s been with them since birth and watched them grown, go to school, have boyfriends (you get it girls!) become young women. He needs to know. Meredith tells him that Lizzie is twin A. If something goes south in surgery, resources will be put towards her survival. Lizzie is the more outspoken of the two, the one who always seems to be in control. The whole crew gathers for the delicate surgery. Leah aces her burr holes and manages not to kill anyone! Four for you Leah. Unfortunately, she then whoops like a fan watching March Madness and pisses Richard off. When Amelia and Derek start their part of the surgery, they find out that there are major complications. Now it’s time to make the call. It is actually Annie who has a better chance to survive. They manage to separate the girls, and get to work on saving their lives.


In Burke’s OR, he switches on a sweet cover of “Like a Virgin” in order to set the surgical mood. He talks to Cristina about his own Harper Avery award. Sure it felt great to win, but afterwards the pressure was immense and he worried that his best work was behind him. He had to get away, so he ran off to Zurich. While he was there, he met a very rich benefactor who put up the money for this fancy clinic they are all standing in. Cristina is like, “Sweet, so why are you telling me this?” Then Burke does something that rarely happens. He blows Cristina’s mind. His clinic has developed a surgical hologram that moves, and will completely change surgery, as they know it. It’s pretty frickin sweet. Cristina stares at it like a child in absolute wonder. Holy shit, she’s in love. Not with Burke, with this hologram.


Afterward, Burke walks her out onto a balcony overlooking a sea of advanced 3D printers. Cristina admits that she doesn’t know what to do next. She knows it’s something big, but she’s worried that losing the Harper Avery will compromise any future funding. Burke presses her to reveal her dream. She wants to build fully functional 3D printed hearts. Burke looks at her as if she said something as simple as, “I’d like a BLT” and says, sure, you can start doing that tomorrow.


Richard, who is still is a very bad mood, walks into the operatory theatre, asking about Cristina. Meredith tells him that she went to Switzerland for a few days, which causes him to freak out. Richard then directs his anger at Jackson, yelling at him in front of a whole group of doctors and nurses. April, who can really muster the courage when she needs to, steps in and tells Richard to stand down. Her husband deserves respect, not to be humiliated in from of his peers.