“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.22): Swiss Miss

Jo, who is still in way over her head, runs into  Steph and begs her to deliver Brayden’s labs to Bailey for her. One look and Steph knows why Brayden has made such a miraculous recovery.

Amelia is working on Annie in a separate OR when Derek comes in to check on her. She’s got it under control, so he quickly exits. The residents comment on how it was awful quick how Derek got Lizzie stable. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that Lizzie is not ok. Jo goes to check on her little old lady, only to find out that she’s been taken down to surgery. Owen is less than pleased that Jo left his patient in such a state.

Burke takes Cristina to his office, and casually suggests grabbing dinner. Cristina accuses him of creating a ploy to get her back in his life. Burke then shows her pictures of his wife and child. He’s married to the love of his life. (That must have felt like a kick in the gut to Cristina, because it felt like that to me.) His wife gave up her surgical career to be a full time mother. When he begins being presumptuous about what Cristina wants and needs, she reminds him that he doesn’t know her anymore. He pauses then agrees. What he does know is that she is amazing and everything he ever dreamed she would be.


Cristina leaves another heart-wrenching voicemail for Meredith. Burke has a family and a holographic heart. All she wants is here, but so is Burke and she really wishes her person was there to tell her what the hell to do.

Annie and Lizzie are both wheeled into a recovery room. Annie is in tears as she watches her sister, lying there, helpless. Sadly, she will soon be withdrawing care from her twin. Meredith meets up with Richard to give him an update, and also ask him to cool it on the Harper Avery Foundation. She tells him that they need to find a way to work with them, but Richard is resolute. He feels that Catherine and the Foundation have cheapened the integrity of the hospital and he wants out.

Owen stops by asking to speak to Richard as well. Jo overhears them saying that some of the residents aren’t cutting it.

Stephanie, with Brayden’s labs in hand, tracks down Dr. Bailey. She confronts Bailey who is at first defensive until she realizes that Steph is amazed and impressed. Bailey then acts coy, pretending not to know what Steph is talking about, but her satisfied smile gives her away.


Jo spills the beans to the other residents about their possible firing, and each decides they are on the chopping block. Shane, for essentially killing Alex’s dad, Leah for that whole outburst in the OR, Jo for not being able to manage a million patients, and Steph for being the ex-girlfriend of a board member. Alex shows up, all smiles because he loves his new job. Jo doesn’t want to spoil it for him.


Cristina marches into Burke’s office and refuses his offer. Burke assumes Cristina has spoken to Meredith, who is still holding a grudge for destroying her best friend’s spirit a few years back. Cristina gives it to him straight. She never wanted to work for Burke. She wanted to be Burke. The best gift that Burke ever gave her was walking the hell out of her life on that fateful day. Burke lets her finish, then clarifies an important part of his offer. He doesn’t want her to work for him, he wants her to take over his clinic. He knows that his passion for Cristina would turns his world upside down and likely ruin his marriage. His wife wants the family to move to Italy, and he wants to support her like she’s supported him all these years. Cristina is pretty shocked and asks if he is the Willie Wonka of medicine, simply offering up his multi-million dollar clinic. Yes, that is indeed the case. “Do you want it?” he asks.

Jackson walks into the chapel and finds April sitting there alone. He mentions that he really ought to get used to these uncomfortable pews if he’s going to be accompanying his wife and child to church. April is beyond thrilled. Jackson reiterated that he this doesn’t change who he is, but it matters to April, so it matters to him. Well, as long as post-church waffles are involved. Of course they are Jackson. Of course they are.