“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.22): Swiss Miss

In the elevator we get our only Calzona scene. Arizona thinks she’s got Callie all figured out until Callie chooses Agamemnon as her favorite name of the bunch. Take that Raynbow!


Amelia and Derek get to have a quiet moment alone on the MerDer Mansion deck. He tells her that he has recommended her for Callie’s research project. That would mean a permanent move to Seattle, so Amelia mulls it over. He tells her that she is his favorite sister, and for the first time, she almost believes him.

Meredith waits at the airport to pick Cristina up from her trip. Cristina is baring delicious Swiss chocolates, well minus a few. For the moment she locks eyes with Meredith, her best friend knows the score. “You’re leaving,” Meredith says, with sadness in her eyes. Cristina doesn’t answer her, but Meredith knows she’s as good as gone.


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