Evelyne Brochu and Jordan Gavaris talk about playing queer characters on “Orphan Black”

At a recent screening event for the first episode of Orphan Black Season 2, I chatted with Evelyne Brochu and Jordan Gavaris about their characters and I think you’re going to like what they had to say.

Evelyne Brochu was so stunning that it’s really a miracle I got any questions out at all—her eyes are at least 10 different colors. After each question I asked, she took the time to really think about her answer.

"Orphan Black" Premiere

AE: How would you describe Delphine and Cosima’s journey in Season 2?

Evelyne Brochu: In season one, it was just a new love against all odds, against the fact that they’re on opposite sides of science. Season two is going to be not only maintaining a complex relationship within a complex situation, but also maintaining your girlfriend alive in a complex situation. I think the stakes are very high, it’s going to be very emotional. There is a strong bond and a very strong relationship and love there, but there’s also so much going on with Cosima’s health, so it’s going to be a lot of things. It’s a very complex relationship, it’s doctor/patient, it’s scientist/experiment, it’s girlfriend/girlfriend, it’s so many things, right? So, it’s going to be very dense and complex. And maybe a little bit dangerous!

AE: What’s your favorite thing about Delphine, or playing her?

EB: My favorite thing about playing her? Just how passionate she is about everything. You know? It’s really great to…’cause I feel like, on this show, everybody is passionate about doing this show. Of course, we can see Tatiana is passionate about her work, she just brings so much to all the different characters. I’m very passionate about the work, so just being able to take that passion from the work situation and swing it right into the character is fun.

AE: You recently joined Twitter, have you been seeing all the love from the Clonesbians and the Clone Club? How’s that been for you?

EB: Yeah, it’s really great. I mean, the clonesbians—you know, I have to say, I feel sometimes that fiction can reflect reality and sometimes even affect it. And I’m really proud to play a gay character whose main problem is not that she’s gay, which it shouldn’t be for anyone. So, I’m really proud of that.

After the screening, there was a little fan Q & A, and though most of the questions were for the creators, Graeme Manson and John Fawcett, a few were directed at the cast. The one thing that really stuck out for me was a fan asking Evelyne Brochu if she thought Delphine identified any differently in season two, now that she has a girlfriend. She pointed out that at the end of season one, she was definitely on Cosima’s side. And in the first episode of Season 2, we see “she’s at a huge DYAD party, kissing her girl.” (Well, what she thought was her girl.) She said it isn’t a big deal for her, and that she’s glad, because shouldn’t be a big deal.

OB Interview 3I know this isn’t the DYAD kiss, but this is ACTUALLY Cosima.