“Glee” recap (5.19): Puppy Love

At the retirement home, rehearsals aren’t going so well so Kurt wants to pull a New Directions and add in new numbers at the last minute. Maggie gets pulled away to receive flowers from her daughter, who will be unable to attend the show. When Kurt tells a nurse how sweet it is, the nurse tells him that it’s all a lie. Maggie is estranged from her daughter and sends herself the flowers to save face.

Mercedes comes home to find a clean apartment, and Sam cuddling McConaughey. They have a heart to heart that is less about the dog and more about the stresses of the big city and their relationship.  Sam admits that he was hurt and insulted when Mercedes assumed he couldn’t take care of a dog. Not too long ago, Sam was Magic Mike-ing in order to take care of his entire family. He may be forgetful and careless at times, but he’s a man of integrity, not some silly boy. She gets what he’s saying, but it doesn’t change the fact that their lives are not conducive to having a dog. Sam will have to find a new home for McConaughey.


In a move that surprises no one, Kurt shows up at Maggie’s daughter’s office. When Clara, the daughter, finds out that he lied to get an appointment, she calls security. Kurt manages to tell her about Maggie’s show and invite her to the performance. Clara tells Kurt that her mother wasn’t always the sweet old lady she is now. As a mother, she was selfish and at times neglectful. Kurt tries to spin it, talking about dreams and regret, but Clara just walks over to the door and shows him the way out. He mentions his own mother, how she died when he was only eight. “Yours is still here” he says before he leaves. “You could heal it.”

The Broadway Bitches adoptathon turns out to be a huge success. Santana finds a three-legged dog for Rachel to pose with. Is this a metaphor about Glee? When a potential adoptee wants to take the little guy home, Rachel has a full on diva fit that she might ruin her photo op. The woman calls Rachel a fraud and walks away. Rachel is a bit shaken, but Santana tells her not to let anyone wearing cross trainers talk shit to her.


Backstage, Kurt is looking like the most perfect Peter to ever Pan. Blaine is there, and has to remind all of us that he’s missing out on lunch with Annie Liebovitz and June. (Poor form, Anderson.) He kisses Kurt on the cheek and tells him to break a leg. Kurt walks up to Maggie and asks if she’d like to join his special little framily, and she is touched. Feeling good and charitable, Kurt calls Rachel to wish her luck at her own show. He tells her that he’s proud of her, and she surprises him by appearing in the crowd with the rest of the gang. In place of “I’m Flying,” Kurt’s Peter performs Madonna’s “Lucky Star.” The rest of the cast dons sunglasses and sings along as Kurt flies about the stage, twisting, and spinning his heart out. I’m a bit of a Peter Pan purist, but the tie in to the second star on the right and the feeling of the original is charming. During the number, Maggie’s daughter shows up, bearing a bouquet of flowers for her mother.


The whole gang gives Kurt their congratulations for a job well done. Rachel also has a surprise up her sleeve and busses all the seniors to the Broadway Bitches benefit to perform alongside her. Emma and Clara sit down and begin to make amends.

At the diner, where the benefit is being held, the whole ensemble performs “Take Me Home Tonight” by Eddie Money to a crowd of dog lovers and Broadway enthusiasts. There is lots of puppy cuddling and health code violations. (They are so going to get a “C” Grade) Sam, a little brokenheartedly, hands McConaughey over to a kind, older couple who can give him a good home. Just as Rachel hoped, a reporter has shown up to film the event, which she thinks is downright inspiring. Rachel thanks Santana, now of the firm, Santana Lopez Public Relations, and Kurt for their part in it’s success. Group hug!!


This episode was written by Chris Colfer who manages to squeeze a lot of heart (and a dose of schmaltz) into every scene. It was a nice break from the standard fare, and good to see Colfer get a chance to shine behind the camera as well. He also blessedly gave us closure to the Dani storyline which no one had bothered to do before. She’s off, training to be a roller derby marauder. I’d like to think her derby name is Auntie Maim, or Cryin’ Schmurphy. Next week is the finale of an arguably very difficult season which swung wildly from plot to plot, trying to get its footing again. Losing Cory Monteith not only meant losing a major player on Glee, but a piece of its spirit as well. The finale looks to be a tough one for Klaine shippers, so have your tequila shots and tissues ready. There won’t be any Santana, but we do get to see our darling Brittany. We can only hope that the scene with a naked Blaine and Brittana in bed is some sort of kooky dream sequence. And by kooky, I mean horrible.

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