“Orphan Black” recap (2.04): Rise of the Fallen Angel

Previously on Orphan Black, Helena was bound to Henrik, head of the Proletheans; Mrs. S killed a bunch of birdwatchers to save Sarah and Kira; Cosima found out about Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a clone who died from the same disease from which she suffers; Sarah reunited with Kira’s father, Cal; and Alison downward spiraled right off the stage on opening night. And that was all just last week!

We left off with Sarah, in a car (against her will) with Daniel, getting T-boned. When she wakes up, she is disoriented and bleeding, and Daniel is unconscious. Cal comes to the window and apologizes—crashing into the sedan she was in with his gigantic truck was the only thing he could think of to save her. Sarah goes to take Daniel’s pulse, but can’t bring herself to touch him. She’s seen too much death already. She grabs his phone and his gun and gets out. Cal suggests calling the police, but Sarah knows that’s not the answer. But it might be too late, because sirens begin to approach. Sarah startles Cal by taking a defensive stance, gun in plain sight. Luckily, the police whiz by without giving the bloody girl with a gun a second look. In a move that would have made the Liars proud, she tells Cal to help her hide Daniel’s crashed car under some branches.

Cal promises Kira is “safe” but doesn’t provide further detail. He wants to know what is going on, exactly, but Sarah says the less he knows, the better. Cal points out that he just watched his friend get killed—he’s in it. My question is, how “in it” is he, really?

Over on the Prolethean compound, Gracie is still having NONE of her new step-mother. She approaches her father and says, “It’s awake.” He tries to get Gracie to call Helena a “she” and reminds her that she’s part of the family now, but Gracie looks like she’d rather be adopted by one of the horses than acknowledge that Helena belongs with them.

Helena wakes up to see Henrik’s other wife by her bed, and asks why her head hurts. She says it’s because of the sedative they gave her, and tries to get her to drink some water so she’ll feel better. She tries to ask what happened, she has vague memories of people standing around her bed, but her sister-wife tells her that she just needs time to heal. Helena rolls away from her and notices a ring on her finger.

OB 204-1

Alison also wakes up in a bed, feeling groggy, and looking even worse than Helena. She stumbles into the bathroom and throws up, noticing that her arm is in a sling. She also then realizes she has no idea where she is. A woman comes into her room and Alison is indignant, demanding to see Dr. Leekie, saying she can’t be held in the DYAD against her will. The woman has no idea what she’s talking about. She’s not at the DYAD institute, she’s in rehab.

OB 204-2 No, no, no!

Cal takes Sarah to a sketchy, abandoned location where he had left Kira literally on her own and had told her to hide before going off and driving his vehicle directly into her mother’s vehicle. If things had turned out a little differently, poor Kira might have been hiding there forever. Luckily, she’s fine, and happy to see her mum again. Cal has a camper they can take on the run for now that isn’t in his name, so it isn’t as traceable as his truck.

Cal asks Sarah again what exactly is going on, or at least who the guy was that just tried to kidnap her. She tells him that Daniel belongs to “a very serious bitch” and sees that said bitch texted Daniel for an update. Sarah texts her back to buy them some time to figure out what the heck they’re going to do next.

Art is back at the Prolethean compound taking pictures like paparazzi. Henrik and his wife know that he’s out there, but Henrik isn’t worried about it. Henrik’s wife is second-guessing bringing Helena to their home, but Henrik assures her they made the right decision.

Grace is tasked with bringing Helena a pillow and blanket, but when she lays eyes on the sleeping intruder she so disapproves of, she smothers her with a pillow until Helena stops struggling. Grace tells her to go back to Hell and starts to leave, terrifyingly calm for having just attempted murder. I say attempted because before she can leave the room, Helena gets up and puts Gracie in the sleeper hold, knocking her out and making her great escape.

Still a little groggy, Helena stumbles through the hallways, hiding when she hears voices. The room she ducked into has murder-plastic hanging from the ceiling, and she pushes through it to a room full of medical equipment. This triggers a flashback—her on the table, someone opening her legs, a long tool not unlike the one Henrik used to inseminate a cow…

OB 204-3 “Oh no they didn’t.”

Henrik’s wife finds Grace passed out in Helena’s room and screams for Henrik. Helena spreads her wings and flies as fast as she can, out of the compound, right past a very confused Art. Art stalls the cowboys chasing her for a minute, but they haul after her anyway.

At the DYAD, Cosima is watching more videos of a very sick Jennifer talking about how people treat her when they find out she’s ill.

OB 204-4 “Guess I shouldn’t tell my sisters, then…” 

She’s interrupted by Sarah skyping in to give her an update. She asks Cosima where she is and Cosima tells her that she’s in her very own lab that Sarah scored for her. Sarah likes it, but thinks Cosima could use a little sun.

OB 204-5 King of the lab!