“Orphan Black” recap (2.04): Rise of the Fallen Angel

Outside the camper, Cal and Kira are listening to a police scanner on the radio, and Kira says her mum is talking to “Aunt Cosima” and suddenly I need to see Cosima babysitting Kira. To distract Kira from what’s going on, Cal makes a little origami for Kira, who calls it an angel.

Sarah shows Cosima the Project LEDA photo and Cosima tells her about the mythology of Leda and the twins that were half god and half human. She also says it sounds like a military operation, which might explain the man with the rifle in the background of the photo.

OB 204-6 “It’s all Greek to me.” 

All throughout the conversation, Cosima has been clearing her throat with little coughs, and as someone who has asthma, chronic bronchitis, and is prone to pneumonia, I knew those coughs well, and feared what was coming next. Sure enough, as soon as she tells Sarah she would find out what she could about LEDA and hangs up, she breaks into a coughing fit.

Across town, Mrs. S surprises Creepy Benjamin by sliding into the backseat of his car unannounced. He’s pleasantly surprised to see her alive, since he heard the birdwatchers were dead. The look on her face tells him that she is intimately familiar with this fact. Mrs. S asks Creepy Benjamin for new papers so she can go look for someone in London, but Creepy Benjamin knows who she’s looking for, and she doesn’t have to go anywhere to find him. Carlton is here.

At the New Path Wellness Centre, Felix visits Alison. Felix is weirded out by the sober atmosphere, and Alison is traumatized because she’s being forced to cohabitate with addicts who shave their armpits where other people can see. But considering she doesn’t even remember the show, Felix things maybe a week in this joint will do her good. And besides, at least it will be a week away from Donnie. She agrees to wait out the week.

Sarah tells Kira that she’s going to have to stay with Cal for a little while, because she has to go find Mrs. S and Felix, but promises she’ll be back. Cal asks one more time for information, and Sarah gives him the name of the DYAD. Though I scrutinize his face, I can’t tell if this name rings familiar with him at all. Especially because next he says, “You must have really gotten under their skin.” Meaning maybe he knows that in order for them to be actively hunting her, she must have pissed them off. Or maybe he was just speaking in general. Either way, Sarah hilariously retorts, “They got under mine first.”

Meanwhile, out from under branches and broken glass, Daniel arises like a zombie from the grave. Sarah should have sucked it up and checked for a pulse after all.

Across town, Mrs. S struts into a bar. She heads downstairs to check the men’s bathroom for Carlton, but he grabs her from behind instead. She gets the better of him, though and he says he missed her and her spark. She asks about the orphan he brought her 20 years ago, says she knows who she is. Carlton says that’s more than he knows, more than he’d care to. Then Mrs. S, definitely no longer the sweet, motherly woman we met in season one, seduces Carlton right there outside the bar bathroom.

While Mrs. S is out shagging people in public places, Sarah is raiding her house. She gets the crap scared out of her by Felix, who hadn’t been returning her texts but showed up to tell her she was a “shite burglar” anyway. Sarah asks where Cosima is and he says she’s with Delphine at the DYAD in a “transgressive lesbian geek spiral bound to end in tears” which is the most accurate description of that relationship I’ve ever heard.

They dig around for information and find the picture of Carlton that Mrs. S had shown Sarah. Underneath the picture, they find a news clipping that says he was arrested for human smuggling. They then find an article about Susan and Ethan Duncan…as in Rachel Duncan’s parents. Which means Mrs. S knew a lot more a lot longer than she let on. Sarah knows where Rachel’s apartment is, so she sends Felix off to give this information to Cosima while she tracks down more info there. As they leave, we see that someone had been eavesdropping from the basement.

Over at the rehab center, poor Alison is having a hard time adjusting to the new rules she has to live by, especially having company every time she “tinkles”. When she sees Donnie in her room, she tries to tell the nurse that he’s an enabler, but the nurse rolls her eyes and leaves poor Alison alone with him. He tells her that she agreed to this, and that it’s the best thing for both of them. Oh, and that if she doesn’t stick out the program, he’s filing for sole custody of the kids.

In a fancy schmancy apartment building, Sarah impersonates Rachel on the phone to make some demands so that she can follow the concierge into the room and hide until he leaves.

OB 204-7 Hide and Seek is way less fun when it’s life or death.

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