“Orphan Black” recap (2.04): Rise of the Fallen Angel

She calls Cosima and they chat about the Duncans, very established British scientists with lots of published papers. They were Rachel’s adoptive parents, and Rachel must have come along after Amelia put Sarah and Helena into hiding. While Sarah is listening, she sees a VCR with a tape labeled “Cambridge 1991” queued up, so she pops it in. While Cosima is telling her that Rachel was raised self-aware, brought up with the purpose of making her a cold-hearted corporate leader, and that her parents were probably aloof and unloving, Sarah watches a video of a little British version of herself as a child, rolling in the leaves with her parents, smiling and laughing and exchanging  “I love yous.” (Which, can we talk about this for one second? Rachel not only has these videos in her apartment, but also had to specifically make sure she had a VCR set up to play them, and this one in particular was already in the player. When Sarah pushed it in, it was right in the middle of this happy moment, as if “heartless” Rachel Duncan had been watching this video of her and her parents, who died in a lab explosion, and it got to be too much, so she hit eject and walked away. It seems to me she’s not cold and cruel because she never knew love, but because she did know love, and it was ripped away from her.)

OB 204-8  “She probably doesn’t have one single happy memory! Definitely no home videos.”

Before Sarah can explain why she thinks Cosima’s theory is wrong, Daniel comes home, chatting on the phone with Leekie, promising he won’t hurt Sarah when he finds her again. Unfortunately, Sarah’s hiding luck ran out with Tony the Concierge and Daniel catches her, gun out. She knows he’s not allowed to shoot her, she heard him on the phone just now, but he IS allowed to punch her in the face, and that’s just what he does.

In the camper, Cal is playing guitar for Kira, who knows that her mum isn’t coming home tonight. He says he’s late, but that they’ll talk to her tomorrow. He tells her not to worry, and Kira says she knows Sarah will be safe because she has a “guardian angel.” Cal thinks it’s the paper toy he made her that she gave to Sarah before she left, but we know better.

When Sarah comes to, she’s zip-tied to the shower. He asks her what she knows about LEDA but she responds by spitting in his face. He says she’s not the smartest clone and she’s probably thinking “duh have you met Cosima?” but instead she watches carefully as he sharpens a shaving blade. She tries to appeal to the “Rachel’s boytoy” aspect of her, reminds him that she looks just like her, but that seems to backfire a little. Next she tries to call his bluff, saying he wouldn’t hurt her, and he says it’s Leekie who wouldn’t. He says Rachel might, which is interesting. But he definitely would. And he does. He leans real close and digs the blade into the skin right behind her ear. You know, right where Beth’s scar was.

Daniel hears music start playing out in the room so he goes to see what’s going on, leaving Sarah bleeding and helpless. Suddenly Daniel stumbles back into view, blood pouring from his throat. What Sarah sees next causes her to make this face.

OB 204-9 Sarah, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

What she sees is Helena, still in her wedding gown, bloody, stumbling, and carrying a knife.

OB 204-10I mean, Sarah has definitely had this nightmare, right? 

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