“Hannibal” recap (2.11): Ko No Mono

Hello Hannibal fans! I’m stepping in for the lovely Kim Hoffman this week to cover your favorite incorrigible cannibals!  This week’s episode begins with Hannibal and Will taking a break from eating people, to dine on the rare French delicacy, Orlatan Buntings. The little birds are drowned in brandy then flambéed. The result looks not unlike deep fried Marshmallow peeps. Hannibal tells Will that the birds are usually eaten under the cover of napkin to hide the spectacle from God’s eyes. Naturally, the men say fuck that, and eat those little birdies, bones and all, in front of each other. This is the worst frat ever.


After chewing for what seems like forever, they talk shop. You know, murdering and what not. Will brings up the killing of Freddie Lounds, and soon after, a flaming corpse in a wheelchair cruises its way through a parking garage, and lands in Freddie’s spot. The body is examined, and based on dental records, the coroner announces that the body belongs to Freddie Lounds. Will, Hannibal (who now thinks Will is the murderer) and Jack theorize how Ms. Lounds could have met her demise.

Later, Margot sits in Hannibal’s office holding a positive pregnancy test. (Damn, those things have gotten really accurate.) Margot expresses a teensy bit of remorse for fooling Will into impregnating her. Will, of course, turns to Hannibal and asks if he was aware of Margot’s machinations. Hannibal knew Margot wanted a wee babe, but not that she intended to con Will into being the father. She invites him to participate in the child’s upbringing with the same enthusiasm one would use in ordering a gluten free pizza. She tells the men that she’s open to her child having male influence in their life, just not that of her shitbag of a brother.


Speaking of Mason, we see him stalking a group of children visiting the stables. This tear-collecting son of a bitch separates one of the children from the pack and convinces him that he’s going to be taken away from his loving foster family. He collects the child’s tears to enjoy later in a Tear-tini. This scene would be downright terrifying if Michael Pitt wasn’t playing this character as if every scene were an audition to be the next Looney Tunes villain.

Will wakes up drenched in sweat, per usual, when Alana shows up at his door. She’s worried about him, but more importantly, she’s not convinced that he didn’t kill Freddie. Will just answers her questions with more questions. (Can anyone just answer a simple question on this show?!) Will does still care for Alana though, so he gives her a gun and encourages her to learn to use it. She’s going to need it one day.


In his session with Hannibal, Mason is all “Poppa this and poppa that,” and flopping about on the chaise lounge, which just irritates the normally unflappable Hannibal. Hannibal brings up the subject of Margot and spills the beans about her little bun. Later, Hannibal and Will discuss fatherhood. Will thinks that he would make a good dad, while Hannibal was once a father-figure to his little sister Misha. Hannibal actually gets quite tender and reflective talking about his sister. When he compares Misha to Abigail, it opens a whole can of worms for Will, who processes her loss at the hands of the man sitting across from him. This bromance is so doomed.

That night, the burned body of Randal Tier is found, this time mutilated to resemble to goddess Shiva. When Alana puts together the connections between Randall, Freddie, Will and Hannibal, she tosses accusing eyes at Will.

At the stable, Mason finds Margot coming in from a morning ride. He starts hinting about her “glow” and wouldn’t it be swell to have an heir? She doesn’t say a word about her own child, because she knows that Mason already knows. Margot, you are in danger, girl. He starts spouting off about having his own child, making it clear that all her decisions still go through him. She fights back tears of fear, especially when he grabs her by the braid and yanks her closer.