“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” recap (1.22): A Very Whedon Ending

Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra started ruining everything lead by Garrett and Ward, Garrett injected himself with alien juice, Mike was a sad robot because he wanted his son back, and FitzSimmons got ejected from the Bus and fell into the ocean.

We open in Cybertek headquarters, where a man is leading a newbie around, showing him the ropes. He asks what brings the newbie to Cybertek and he answers, “The incentive program.” Which, based on his expression, probably isn’t a room full of Pomsky puppies; and everyone here is either a volunteer or here for the incentive program. It seems like each employee of Cybertek is in control of one supersoldier. Before the head Cybertek supervisor can finish his tour, an employee says they’re ready to go.

And by ready to go they mean ready to attack the Agents we love so dearly. Our Agents start fighting the supersoldiers while Skye runs to the computer to attach her USB drive. May manages to overcome the soldiers and uses one of their magic sticks against them. She starts taking out load-bearing beams one by one while the rest of the Agents run for their lives.

The Cybertek supervisor calls Garrett to tell them that the SHIELD Agents got away but Garrett barely absorbs that information because he’s too busy feeling the alien juice in his veins. Quinn, on the other hand, is pissed that Garrett took all of the “miracle drug” because now they have nothing to show their investors.

Meanwhile, Ward is getting a little worried about Garrett because he’s twitching and rambling like there is way too much information in his head for one person to handle. Ward asks him what the end game is here, and Garrett tells him to start thinking about what he wants most in this world, because he’s about to get the chance to have it. He then starts carving the secrets of the universe into a glass door via weird symbols.

Since Team Coulson’s mission was successful, Skye now has access to Cybertek’s system and can keep an eye on their operation. Coulson tells his team that they tracked FitzSimmons to New Mexico, but that they’re not answering any calls. Skye pulls a “worried girlfriend” face.

AOS 122-1Just as perfect as all her other faces.

Coulson says that this isn’t a reason to lose hope or get distracted. In fact, if they’re still alive, it’s more important than ever that they find Garrett as soon as possible.

And, it turns out, they are still alive. Simmons wakes up to find Fitz cradling a broken arm. He tells her that he’s been doing math while she was asleep and he figures they’re about 90 feet deep. In the OCEAN. He made a makeshift distress signal using some of the emergency supplies he found, but it’s on a S.H.I.E.L.D. frequency so he doesn’t think anyone is listening. He spouts out a few more facts before Simmons cuts him off and asks Fitz to give it to her straight. The cold hard fact is, there’s no way out. They’re going to die.

AOS 122-2If anyone needs a room full of puppies, it’s Simmons. 

Team Coulson has a plan. Triplett and Coulson are going in first and opening a window for Skye and May to go in. Something about a dealer, something about an ace in the hole. It all went over my head, but the team seemed to think it sounded easy peasy. Coulson gives them a “time to be heroes” speech and asks if they’re ready to change the world. May says no, but she IS ready to kick some ass, and that works, too.

Garrett and all his newfound insanity finds Flowers and tells her that he can see her soul. She tells him that she has no allegiance; not to Hydra, not to S.H.I.E.L.D., not to him. He knows that she’s just interested in evolution and that she has one question for him: What will she become? It’s like the crazy leading the crazy over there.

Down in the deep blue sea, Simmons asks Fitz if he’s scared. He says he is. He’s also hungry. Simmons isn’t thinking about food though, she wants to know what happens after they die. Mamaa Fitz always said that death isn’t anything to be afraid of, it’s just goes back to what it was like before you were born. Which is kind of a nice thought. Simmons likes to think of the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. So when they die, all the energy that makes up them, all that is FitzSimmons, will be dispersed to be part of something else. A dragonfish, a supernova. And all that they are now was once part of something, like a mammoth or a monkey. As she goes on making science sound like the most beautiful and poetic thing in the face of death, she gets an idea! Fitz latches on and they might just make it out of this box after all.