The most Pennsatucky smile-worthy Season 2 moments from “Orange is the New Black”

Anatomy Lesson: Thank god for Sophia. Otherwise a whole (hole) lot of women at Litchfield would go on thinking “pee comes out the big hole.” Orange manages to turn an all too common situation (women’s lack understanding their own anatomy) into a very humorous educational lesson for all. O’Neill even learned a thing or two. Or 10.


Sophia: Now ladies, I want each and every one of you to go back to your bunks tonight, and get to know your own cha chas.
Black Cindy: No fucking way. (proudly) I got a mons pubis!


O’Neill and the nuns: When you’ve grown up in going to Catholic schools, the mere sight of a nun can bring about heart palpitations. Poor O’Neill, clearly traumatized from his days as a schoolboy, is forced to watch over a protest in Sister Ingalls honor. He spends his time railing against the sisterhood, even writing a little ditty on his banjo-lele in their honor.


O’Neill (To the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”): This is a little song about the nuns. Fearsome, mean, even crueler than the Huns. I am forced to babysit them, when I thought that I had quit them. Oh I kinda hope that they all get the runs.


Processing as McKenzie and Amanda: After a tense few weeks, Taystee and Poussey begin to repair the friendship that Vee tried to destroy. Taystee doesn’t want to talk about her feelings, but Poussey’s lesbian is showing and she’s in need of some processing. Taystee whips out her alter ego Mackenzie to do the talking for her.


Taystee: I have an appointment to see my guru to get a Matrasoon, so I’ll start right after that but before I get my lips injected with ass-fat so that we can really talk.


What moments made you smile this season?

Huge thank you to the fantastic Jenna Lykes, my awesome partner for this piece. Follow her on Twitter @jennalykes