“Rookie Blue” recap (5.01 & 5.02): This is Happening

Welcome back, Rookies! I’ve missed you guys! And I’ve missed Gail and Holly. Last we left them, they were holding hands in the hospital waiting room, newly outed as a couple, waiting for news of their injured coworkers and friends.

What we don’t have to wait for is a little skin. 15 Division welcomes us back with a half-naked Andy right off the bat.


As it turns out, Swarek is still in surgery, and Chloe is awake but has a blood clot. She is not particularly pleased to learn who has been making medical decisions for her. Speak of the devil, Chloe’s legal husband, Wes, and Dov are in the elevator, having a pissing contest of sorts. But with roses and teddy bears. Unfortunately for Dov, Chloe asks to talk to Wes alone first.

Gail shows up at Holly’s house and immediately starts foraging for alcohol. Holly isn’t really fazed, but she suggests that Gail might want to eat before hitting the bourbon. Gail isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t involve booze, though.

Holly wonders aloud if they should have left the hospital, but Gail says there was no point in them being there. She said maybe they can go back later as the “big gay distraction,” her eyes wide and almost manic.

RB 501-2If I ever start a band I’m calling it The Big Gay Distraction.

She says now that her brother knows, everyone will, and she doesn’t sound like this is her favorite thing in the world. But she says there’s no going back now.

After being sent to a diner to relax and let off a little steam, Andy and Dov find themselves in the middle of a heist, led by the tiny and fearsome Ellie Nash. I guess all those Degrassi kids have a little baggage.

Back at Holly’s, Gail is hiding in the bathroom with music blaring. Holly goes upstairs to check on her girl, and when Gail doesn’t answer her knocking, she lets herself in. What she finds is Gail…with significantly less hair than she had a few minutes ago.

RB 501-3I kind of wish she had kept it at this length.

Holly lowers the music and says, very matter-of-factly, “This is happening” and watches the scene unfold around her. Gail holds up her severed ponytail and names every inch; the academy, Chris, Jerry’s death, Nick x2…all of it gone, now. (Which is probably for the best, that’s a long time to go without a haircut.) Holly just says, “Honey,” her voice dripping with empathy.

The sound of Holly’s voice seems to pull Gail back towards reality and she realizes what she’s done, and Holly is calm and patient while Gail starts to freak out. A lighthouse in the storm, a tether to solid ground.

RB 501-4“I’ll be right here when you’re done spiraling.”