What The Bleep Did Dana Eagle Say? Abortion, Hummers and Homophobia

Out comic Dana Eagle had a great set on last night’s Last Comic Standing, but she got a bizarre (and homophobic) twitter hater who thought her bleeped use of the word “hummer” was the word “abortion.” Eagle says the joke went:  “I like my friends kids, I do but then there’s always those one or two where you’re like: ‘That one should have been a hummer.'” NBC viewers heard: “That one should have been a BEEEP.” Most assumed the word beeped was abortion. According to Eagle: “People think I said abortion and so a pro-lifer went crazy. I tried to explain that he filled it in with the wrong word but then I thought: What do I care? I’m pro-choice and pro-hummer.” danatweets Eagle says what concerns her is that above all else she is pro-funny. “Ask any comedian. We’ll take funny any day. I don’t think it’s a brilliant joke but it was fun and that’s what comedy is supposed to be fun — just like hummers. Abortions, not so much.”