“R&B Divas” recap (3.10): Love is a Verb

Before we dive onto the white beaches of Hawaii for this phenomenal season finale, let’s take a minute to remember R&B Divas endings from seasons past: Nicci working everyone into a frenzy; Keke screaming her head off at Angie Stone and then crying at her own birthday party; Syleena storming out of the room. Bad scenes, bad scenes. Rough times.

But not this year, my friends! Not this year! Oh, there will be some drama, of course. But ultimately, we will finally end on a note of sisterhood and love and empowerment, everything this show is supposed to be about, and it will be a thing of reality TV wonder!

We jump right into our diva vacation at the beginning of the episode, as all of them pile onto their Hawaiian Airlines first class cabin together. They get lei-ed and immediately consume cocktails and are generally all looking fresh and excited and ready for tropical air. Angie leads a toast to Monifah and Terez and, presumably, all the sponsors who are paying for them to take this badass vacation!


That’s sadly all we get to see of the plane ride, but I know that plane ride is long. Imagine all the other hijinks or inappropriate conversations that might have taken place that we didn’t get to see! Regardless, they arrive at their swanky hotel in Waikiki, and even though it’s raining, everything else seems perfect. They’re all greeted with more amazing-looking drinks–man, this episode is going to make me really thirsty, isn’t it?–and then Mo and Terez head out to check out All Things Wedding. They take a brief look at where the ceremony will be, and then head to the reception area, where it seems like almost everything is already laid out. And I don’t know whether it’s the flowers, or the silky purple chair covers, or just the realization suddenly sinking in that this is actually happening, but our sweet, sweet Terez immediately begins to cry. She is also wearing this ridiculously sexy top that shows a section of her torso that I can’t even with. They also get to taste food and delicious-looking cupcakes. LIFE IS WONDERFUL.


We then move to what the other divas are doing around town, which seems to involve a lot of walking along the ocean and talking shit about each other. Meelah and LaTavia walk and chat and share a sense of relief over One Night Only being over. Meanwhile, on a different beach, Syleena and Keke also walk and chat, but their conversation turns a little more tense. Keke has apparently decided that Hawaii is the place to finally start having some Real Talk about everything that’s been going down lately, starting with how shitty LaTavia was this whole season. Preach it, Keke. This rant includes some amazing Keke quotes such as, “No shade, honey, but…shade,” while imitating pulling an umbrella over her head. And my new favorite line: “That’s not my cup of tea, and I don’t want to drink it.” On top of all this, I feel completely mesmerized by Keke’s beach outfit.