Lesbians, rejoice! Naya Rivera will return for the final season of “Glee”

454443347Photo: Michael Tran/Getty

Good news for people with ears and eyeballs: TVline is reporting that Naya Rivera will be back for the inevitable shit-show officially known as Glee season six. After either being fired for engaging in an on-set lightsaber battle with Lea Michele or quitting over salary negotiations and flying away from set on the back of a fire-breathing pegasus (reports varied), Rivera was written out of the season five finale — but the multi-time winner of the AfterEllen Hot 100 and best part of what’s left of Fox’s musical hellscape has reached a deal to come back as a recurring guest star (instead of a series regular) for the show’s final episodes.

Last month, Ryan Murphy told TVline that Glee would be “getting back to its roots” next season. He also lied that “people will like it.” Fox Entertainment smiled and nodded and apparently cut the 22-episode order in half. Fox top boss Kevin Reilly confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the show won’t be back until mid-season so everyone involved will not feel like poop when it tanks even harder than last season. Or, well, so “it doesn’t have to feel the pressure of delivering,” is the diplomatic business way of saying that, I guess. And Jane Lynch corroborated that scenario in a recent interview, telling EW that they were filming “half a season’s worth” of episodes. 

Oh, also the show is time-jumping away from last season and space-jumping away from New York, according to a thing Murphy told E! Online.

How will Santana fit into this new/old world? Will Brittany return to make sweet music with her? Will anyone be left to watch the series finale, or has Glee spent literally every cent of goodwill the LGBT community showered upon it lo these many torturous years? Only time will tell.

I just want to see Santana make someone cry, one last time.

How about you?