Morning Brew – Ellen launches a lifestyle brand

Good morning!

The Root has a great piece called Are You Raising a Homophobic Child? Share it on your Facebook if you know someone who is.

Ellen DeGeneres is launching her own lifestyle brand. E.D. is is “a nickname bestowed on DeGeneres by her wife, Portia de Rossi. As for the dots, they’re more design elements than punctuation.” As for what she’ll be making, she’s starting with a “gift-oriented capsule collection for holiday” and will continue with “home to fashion to chic wares for some of DeGeneres’ favorite friends — dogs and cats.” Basically I’m going to have a house full of Ellen wares.


Rosie O’Donnell is in serious talks to rejoin The View.

Sia may hide her face while performing, but she’s “the face of music’s future” according to The Conversation. Sia’s new album is out today!


Wolfe Video has picked up Of Girls and Horses, which we just reviewed and loved! So you’ll be able to see it for yourself soon.

Taylor Schilling chatted with Vulture about Pipex and being Alex’s other woman at first.

I would not have been able to handle [her leaving]. Alex is a really important element to Piper’s story. It’s not a part of her life that can be left open-ended. That woman is a foundational part of who she is.

It made sense that it started in this place of deceit. It was not bred honestly, and I guess you can see how that laid the foundation for everything that followed. It wasn’t surprising.

"Boyhood" New York Screening

The X-Men: Days of Future Past Director’s Cut will definitely include Anna Paquin‘s deleted scenes. Thank you!

Ever feel like you missed out on scoring some rad Le Tigre merch? Now’s your chance!

Here’s another new trailer for Clouds of Sils Maria. I cannot wait to see this shit.

Today in Lesbianish TV: The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Queen Latifah Show, Good Morning America (ABC 7 a.m.), But I’m a Cheerleader (Showtime2 11:30 a.m.), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Comedy Central 11:49 a.m.), *Grey’s Anatomy marathon (Lifetime 1 p.m.), The Talk (CBS 2 p.m.), *Secrets of a Restaurant Chef (Food Network 2 p.m.), *Sex and the City “The Cheating Curve” (E! 3:30 p.m.), *Buffy marathon (Pivot 4 p.m., 2 a.m.), The Case Against 8 (HBO 5 p.m.), *Chasing Life “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” (ABC Family 6 p.m.), Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN 7 p.m.), Pretty Little Liars “Miss Me X 100” (ABC Family 8 p.m.), The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC 9 p.m.), Degrassi “Out of My Head” (TeenNick 9 p.m.), Chasing Life “The Family That Lies Together (ABC Family 9 p.m.), WNBA Basketball – Los Angeles at Minnesota (ESPN2 9 p.m.), *Time of Death “Maria & Lenore” (Showcase 9 p.m.), 112 Weddings (HBO 9:15 p.m.), Ellen DeGeneres: The Beginning (HBO Comedy 9:45 p.m.), Inside The Walking Dead (AMC 10 p.m.), The People’s Couch (Bravo 10:01 p.m.), Chopped “Aussie Awesome” (Food Network 11 p.m.), Rachel Maddow on Watch What Happens Live (Bravo 11:01 p.m.), Meredith Baxter on Instant Mom “Not Your Mother’s Day” (Nick Jr. 11:30 p.m.),* True Blood “Fire in the Hole” (HBO 12:15 a.m.), Reaching for the Moon (TMC 12:30 a.m.) (Thanks Roni!)

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