The Most Lesbian Haircuts on TV This Summer

There’s no one way to look like a lesbian. We come in all kinds of aesthetics, and that’s a beautiful thing. But sometimes a haircut is enough to give us pause and wonder “Is she?” Case in point: Chyler Leigh on Taxi Brooklyn. I had several tips sent to me that she looked like a lesbian character, only for the network to tell me she was definitely straight and “has an ex-husband.”

Instead of bemoaning another missed opportunity for a lesbian cop on our TVs, let’s celebrate the wonderful lesbianish looks for our viewing pleasure on the small screen this summer.

Lesbianish Layered Bob


A little rattail never hurts either. Just ask Franky of Wentworth.

Sapphic Side Swept Bang


Tina Majorino also likes to slick her bangs up like a pomp in TNT’s Legends, while Amy Jackson Lewis works with her waves on The Better Half (Pivot) and women everywhere covet Claire Underwood’s power lez look on House of Cards.

Tendrilled Lovers


Wives Linda Perry (The Linda Perry Project) and Sara Gilbert (The Talk) have their own shows, but share a shoulder-length curl situation.

Undershaven Androgyny


Orange is the New Black‘s Big Boo likes to keep her edge in Litchfield, as if Lea Delaria‘s BUTCH tattoo wasn’t enough.

Wouldn’t Kick These Dreads Out of Bed


Terez (R&B Divas) and Cosima (Orphan Black) both have impeccably done dreadlocks, but only one of them can take theirs off at the end of the day.

Short and Sapphicly Sweet


From Ellen‘s trademark blonde cut to Gail Pack’s new Rookie Blue ‘do, this is the typical kind of cut that gives us pause. Rachel Maddow rocks hers a little differently on air than in her daily life, and we first knew Chyler Leigh with long locks so her Brooklyn Taxi boyishness is new but welcome.

Boldly Bald


Poussey (played by Samira Wiley on OITNB) and Under the Dome‘s Carolyn (Aisha Hinds) rock the close-to-the-skin shorn chic and look so good doing it.


And if you’re in Hunter Valentine (appearing on Vh1’s Linda Perry Project), you try out three of the above!

Here’s to a summer of lesbian hair spotting. Anytime you see one of these cuts in real life, feel free to say to yourself or a friend, “That girl definitely reads AfterEllen.”