A lesbian couple FTW on “Amazing Race Canada”

Lez be honest: Like The Biggest Loser and The Bachelor, the only time I had ever seen Amazing Race was when dating a fan of the show; usually a compromise for their watching Glee and The Voice with me. Out of the wealth of reality television shows, Amazing Race has always stood out as a favorite, probably because I’m an Aries and adrenaline gets me hot, but also because I love watching any sort of event that encourages extreme competition with loved ones, unapologetic athleticism and lesbians doing things.

Enter Amazing Race Canada. After Season 1 made it Canada’s most successful reality series, it has returned with a second, injecting fresh challenges and casting in to a franchise that finds the US version in it’s 24th season. This season got it’s start with 11 teams, two more than last season, and including Sochi gold medalists, Natalie and Meaghan, Type-A mother and son duo Cormac and Nicole and famed Canadian ballet dancer and his fiancé Bob Hope.


Most relevant to my interests, are Laura and Jackie, a married lesbian couple from Toronto. In their short intro to the show, they explained that they met at day camp, went from being BFFs into GFs and have been together for nearly 10 years. If they couldn’t get any more lez, they throw in a, “I’m so lucky to be married to my best friend.” Winning hearts, and here’s hoping the entire competition!


It is rumored that this season’s contestants were required to have a valid passport, meaning that like it’s US counterpart, the contestants could be traveling outside of the Canadian border. The first episode, however, kept it Canadian, kicking off on a glacier in Athabasca, AB. The teams were then directed to jump in one of the waiting Chevrolet Tahoes and make their way to North America’s fastest zipline, “The Monster.” Both team members were forced to take the plunge before they could move on to the next task, a Roadblock that involved one member skydiving over Victoria, BC.


At the challenge, one half of the Olympian/terminator team, Natalie showed the slightest weakness, vomiting moments before still jumping out of the plane. If that is how Team Hot Hockey Players performs when they’re sick, then we’re in for a season of lady-fueled empowerment.

After falling 12,000 feet out of the sky, the second Roadblock finds the member of each team that didn’t jump out of a plane going to afternoon tea. They are tasked with memorizing a hilariously complex menu, and serving afternoon tea to “lords” and “ladies.”


Continuing with the roller coaster of adrenaline, once they are able to successfully deliver the menu, the competitors head to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt and become naval recruits. Assigned a problem-solving challenge, the pairs are forced to seal nine leaks in a flooding room. Muslim besties, Shahla and Nabeela, had the hardest time with this task, dropping tools into the water and succumbing to leg cramps, ultimately getting eliminated from the show.

At one point during this leg of the competition, bartending bros Ryan and Rob note that Laura and Jackie are 7th to their 6th place saying, “the girlfriends are right behind us.” Rude! They are totally married and totally end up beating the bartenders, landing in 5th place while Meaghan and Natalie take first. Winning the first set of challenges, they are awarded an Express Pass for themselves and another team of their choosing. Here’s hoping they choose team lez!


Speaking of, it was hard to get a read on Laura and Jackie’s abilities as they got very little screen time in the first episode, but judging from their placing 5th, I’m sure they’ll continue to be strong contenders throughout the season. Although it remains to be seen if anyone will be able to beat out a team of Olympians.

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Amazing Race Cada airs Tuesdays on CTV.