“Rookie Blue” recap (5.05): Weapons and Shoes

Previously on Rookie Blue, Holly’s friend BitchTits made Gail walk out on Holly indefinitely, Andy finally shook the Rookie, Diaz started doing drugs, and a little girl who lost her mother made Gail “The Ice Queen” Peck cry right on the spot.

Dov and Diaz are working the night shift, but Diaz is having a hard time staying awake. He says it’s because the wonky work schedule and wonders what it would be like to work a regular job with regular hours. He doesn’t have much time to muse on that though, because the boys are called to respond to a frat fight nearby.

Chris and Dov try to break up the fight, but the boys are pretty instant on beating on each other. Diaz quickly gets fed up and lets his own fists fly, causing everyone else to look at him like he’s a little crazy. Dov starts to arrest the offender who isn’t underneath Diaz and finds a gun in his waistband—meaning Diaz almost just got himself into some deep…water.

When Dov recounts this tale to his girlfriend, Chloe expresses concern, since Diaz also freaked the freak out at the delivery guy on Fight Night. Dov says he’ll keep an eye on it.

RB 505-1Fairy godmother status.

Speaking of Diaz, he’s with his dealer even now, who is telling him he should probably take a little break. Chris, when your drug dealer tells you to buy less drugs, it might be time to make some changes. Look at your life. Look at your choices. To make matters worse, he now owes his dealer money.

The frat fight revealed that there’s a bar nearby that’s selling guns illegally, so a select few members of 15 Division are going undercover to try to bust it up. Andy has to lay low because Rookie Gerald is suing her, and Gail still hasn’t filed her murder report for the woman who died in her arms in the laundry room, so it’s just Dov, Nick, and Diaz on this adventure. Nash and BroPeck give the guys the plan, and can I just say, these two make a very attractive couple, but they also make one badass team of detectives.

They split up when they get to the bar, Dov playing it cool while Nick makes the deal with the shady manager, and Nick flirting with the hot bartender.

RB 505-2You’re very pretty! Surely you’re incredibly trustworthy!

Back at 15, Swarek asks Andy for help with a missing person case, but going through his financials, it looks like it might just be a grown-up runaway. With the day Andy’s having, that doesn’t sound half bad.

Chloe walks into the locker room to find Gail fighting a losing battle with a shirt.

RB 505-3Shirts are hard.

Chloe helps her out of it and tries to hand it back, but Gail says she can keep it, calling Chloe a “tiny little creature.” Chloe is concerned, because it seems like Gail has been going on a spending spree lately, buying random crap and giving it away. It’s like backwards hoarding. Gail looks at Chloe like hell would freeze over before she shared her feelings with her, but before Gail can sass Chloe into oblivion, Oliver comes in and tells Gail to stop stalling on that witness report for the laundry room murder.

RB 505-4LET ME LOVE YOU. Or Holly. Whatever.

While Diaz is trying to make the money drop for the guns, he runs into his dealer, who is pissed. Diaz said he had to work tonight, and this didn’t look like working. Diaz couldn’t very well tell him that he WAS working without revealing that he was a police officer, and you can see his tension building like a Jenga tower. Dov interrupts and unwittingly saves him, and it’s time to pick up the guns in the back alley. Seems legit. But the dealer follows Diaz outside and ruins everything, and Chris has no choice but to arrest him.

Nash and BroPeck send Nick to get the money from where Diaz dropped it, but it’s already gone, so he heads back into the bar to await the next move.

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