“Rookie Blue” recap (5.05): Weapons and Shoes

At 15, Oliver walks out and shouts to the whole room that Gail Peck had better get her noodle arms in his office holding that report in three minutes OR ELSE. Chloe follows Oliver into his office and says she’s worried about Gail. You see, she’s been put on desk duty because everyone’s afraid for her life, and she’s been using the time to observe and sprinkle fairy dust all over the place. Between the compulsive shopping and hair-chopping, Chloe is afraid that Gail is a heartbeat away from going all Amanda Bynes, and we can’t have that. Chloe, I’m sorry I ever found you annoying. You’re an angel for looking out for Gail despite all the mean things she says to you, and for seeing through the tough exterior to the Gail we know and love.

BroPeck tries to make Diaz book his dealer, but Diaz knows that if he doesn’t get the dealer out of this somehow, he’s going to get outed as a druggie, so he’s spiraling in a panic. He eventually goes into the kitchen and swaps out the drugs for baking soda (keeping the drugs for himself) and makes it down to evidence, where it will be tested. Dov is starting to see Chloe’s point about Diaz acting shifty, but Diaz says he’s just shaken from screwing up the job today, since the job’s all he’s got right now. And while there’s surely an element of truth to that, it’s likely he wouldn’t be screwing up so much if he wasn’t on drugs all the time.

Nick manages to book the hot bartender for serving after hours, which will give them a warrant to search her phone, which will put her smack dab in the middle of the illegal drug ring, so Nash and BroPeck are happy. Despite Diaz and his dealer almost ruining everything, it worked out fine.

RB 505-5Pretty little arms dealer.

Though BroPeck is a little suspicious, because the dealer ended up being let go because the “drugs” they confiscated ended up being baking soda, which seems like a strange thing for a dealer to be waving around. Even weirder, why would he have given up the name of a supplier if he knew he didn’t have drugs on him? If they looked into the name he gave them, would it just be the general manager of a nearby Target? It’s only a matter of time before the Nash/BroPeck SuperDuo figure out what’s going on.

Oliver finds Gail in the break room, wrapped in a scarf as blue as her mood, and starts in on her about the report, but before he can scold her, she hands it over. He looks at his buddy and tells her to sit down, asking what’s wrong. He asks, kindly, if she’s upset about Holly. She’s a little embarrassed that he’s heard through the grapevine, and he says he feels bad that they didn’t work out. Gail says maybe it will still work out, and maybe this rough patch is part of it, but that’s not what’s getting her down.

RB 505-6Hey, Gail, you maybe want to tell Holly that it still might work out between you?

She can’t stop thinking about the woman who got shot in the laundry room. More specifically, the little girl who went to her friend’s house with a mother and came back without a family. Eight years old and all alone, all because her mother was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She can’t figure out why—after all, she herself has been through worse, and quite recently—but this one case her hard.

Oliver smiles knowingly. Everyone has that one case. The one that humanizes things, the one that breaks the skin, the one that knocks you down so hard it’s harder to get back up than ever. He said it’s not a bad thing, to feel the things she’s feeling. It’s not a fun thing, it’s not a great feeling, but it’s good and it’s human and she will be better for it.

Oliver says that if she ever needs anything…but saving him from having to say it, Gail perks up and says, “Like weapons?” Oliver says, “Or shoes,” and it’s a beautiful little throwback to Episode 4.10, and a nice reminder that their friendship is subtle but deep, and one of my favorite things about this show.

RB 505-7Gail smiles make my heart smile.

Gail and Oliver hug it out, and Oliver tells her that it’s okay, and even calls her “kiddo.” It’s so lovely it hurts.

Oh heck, what’s one more picture of Gail and her Blue Scarf.

RB 505-8I hope she keeps this scarf for the rest of the season. As long as she stays out of the kitchen. (RIP Aynsley.)

Meanwhile, amidst their missing person case, Swarek tries to comfort Andy, but she’s extra worried about the trial because she lied on her reports. Or at least lied by omission. She didn’t write down every stupid thing Rookie Gerald did, because she was only one person and she enjoyed sleeping. But they have other things to worry about right now: They followed a lead to a lookout and found their missing person’s car…with a body in the trunk. And since that’s where the episode ends, I have a feeling this is going to be a doozy of a case.

What did you think of “Going Under”?

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