Sara Gilbert on her future in acting and watching her wife’s show

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry are newlyweds with two series between them. As the producer, creator and star of The Talk, Sara is on our televisions every day discussing the hot topics of the week, frequently speaking from her experience as the resident gay woman. (Before it was cancelled, Sara also starred on Bad Teacher, which was a legit hilarious show.) And now that her wife has Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project on VH1, it seems they’re truly a power couple we can’t take our eyes off of.

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We grabbed a few moments with Sara at the CBS Entertainment CBS party in Los Angeles, where she told us about being a fan of her partner’s show and if she’ll return to acting in the near future. Have you given Linda any advice on working in TV?
Sara Gilbert:
Linda doesn’t need any advice from me. I think she’s like the most talented person I’ve ever met. I’m sure I’m biased but she doesn’t need my advice. It’s been fun to watch her in a new forum because I’m always amazed by what she does and it’s fun to see it in a new version.

AE: As a producer, did she have any questions for you?
She didn’t want to watch the episodes because she doesn’t like to watch herself. So she asked me to watch them and tell her if there are any cues that stood out.

AE: Will you make an appearance on the show at all?
I’m not on the show because the show is really about music and her working in the studio, but I sometimes was there watching behind the scenes.

AE: Did you give her your opinions on which artist you wanted her to sign?
I didn’t really but we ended up agreeing. I like the same artist she likes. I think she likes all of them but my favorites are kind of her favorites I think.”

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AE: The new season of The Talk is coming up — is there anything fun you tell us about?
I think we’re gonna try to do something fun for the season opener but I can’t say what it is.

AE: I’m so bummed about the cancellation of Bad Teacher. I loved the show. What was it like working with Ari Graynor?
She’s awesome. Super talent, great person, great to work with. They’re airing [unaired episodes] right now on Saturdays.


AE: Do you have any other acting projects coming up?
Maybe, hopefully. Right now it’s the off-season.

AE: What about movies?
Sure. For me it’s about playing a great role or working with a great director so whatever from that comes in.

AE: And you wrote a book last year. Any other books you’re working on?
Right now I’m just focusing on The Talk and if an acting thing comes that feels right I would do that too.

The Talk airs daily on CBS. Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project airs Wednesday nights on VH1.