Exclusive: An interview with Anna Silk about “Lost Girl” Season 5

Life’s hard when you don’t know who you are. Fortunately for Anna Silk, she knows exactly who Bo Dennis is after playing the unaligned succubus for four seasons on Lost Girl. As the supernatural series heads into its new season this fall, its star spoke with AfterEllen.com again about what it means to play the bisexual succubus, how her character has evolved and, yes, about that very special necklace given to her by one Dr. Lauren Lewis.


The cast and crew, under the helm of new showrunner Michael Grassi, began shooting Season 5 in April. As production is on episode 10 of the 13-episode season, the show is a well-established part of the Showcase lineup (it rebroadcasts on Syfy in the U.S.) Last season Bo took on new love interests (the still somewhat inexplicable Wanderer) and faced the deaths of not one, but two of her closest friends (Hale and Kenzi – though don’t count the latter out just yet). Silk said fans can expect a more “clear-headed” Bo this season as she fights for her family and to live the life she chooses.

AfterEllen.com: First, thanks for taking the time to chat with me again. AE readers have loved you and the show since the start.
Anna Silk: Yes, I know, thank you.

AE: This new season you have a new showrunner. Emily Andras, who ran seasons 3 and 4, is still involved but Michael Grassi is now in charge. What does that mean for the story and what does he bring at the helm?
AS: I think that speaking from the perspective as Bo, Emily brought so many great elements to the show. Michael is just picking up where Emily left off. What he has done specifically with Bo that I really love is we have a much more clear-headed Bo this season. She is on a mission and knows how to get what she wants. She is a lot less discombobulated–That’s a terrible word. (laughs) I can’t think of another word – by the Fae world around her.

She is just more clear-headed, more intelligent, stronger, because that’s where the story has now come. So that is where Michael is taking her. I think where we left off last season, so much happened last season to Bo in the Fae world she was feeling out of her element and out of control. Michael has picked that story up and really gone far with that in terms of Bo’s capabilities this season.


AE: You mentioned in Season 4 that Bo was a little discombobulated and bewildered by some of what happened, what then are the big themes for Season 5?
AS: Family is another theme for Season 5 for sure. That comes in many forms in our show. There is Bo’s Fae family that she has made. Her friends have become her family. Then there’s Bo’s actual bloodlines within the Fae world. So we definitely see more of that in Season 5. We have a lot of new, interesting players on the block. I would say that’s a big theme.

Bo’s love life is always an underlying element of the show as well. It’s hard to not have that as a big theme when you’re a succubus. That certainly gets played out in different ways. I’m curious to see what viewers think when they see it. But I think that people will be really, really happy.

AE: You’ve been playing Bo for five seasons now. As a well established character, how much of you has bled into Bo and vice versa over the years?
AS: I think there’s always been a little bit of overlap. What has been nice is that, people ask me are you tired of playing her. But the thing is she had evolved so much from the beginning that every year, every season there are new sides of her to play because she has grown. She has gotten stronger, she has gotten smarter, she has gotten more capable, she has gotten more powerful. So, you know, I think that Bo’s vulnerabilities were certainly something I identified with in the very beginning. And it has been nice to make those stronger as the seasons have gone by. There is definitely overlap.


AE: You mentioned her love life. Last season the triangle morphed into like a trapezoid or quadrangle. I’m not entirely sure the shape, I guess I don’t remember geometry class well enough. Bo had relationships with Rainer, and also saw a change in her relationship with Tamsin. How did you feel about both the emergence of those relationships last season?
AS: I think it’s always good to shake things up a little bit. The original love triangle has been such a central part of the show in terms of Bo’s relationships and her lovers on the show. So it’s nice to introduce different elements to that. It just keeps it more interesting.

AE: Speaking of the central triangle – where in your mind does Bo’s relationship stand with both Lauren and Dyson?
AS: Well, you know, I think that for Bo her relationship with Dyson – he was one of the first being she met in the first episode. They had this instant draw to each other, this instant trust. He is very powerful, and so that is something that has drawn Bo to him. For Lauren, it’s the same thing. We met in Episode 1 as well. There was an instant chemistry that was palpable. The chemistry worked really well.

I always seem to be sitting on the fence when I answer these questions because I obviously don’t want to give away too much. But I feel like both are really important to her and that’s the truth. And for different reasons in a way. With Dyson they are equals in terms of their Fae ability and where they fit in the Fae world. With Lauren, what is interesting is she is human so Bo takes on a naturally protective role with her. What’s great about Lauren is she is so unbelievably smart and so capable within the science of the Fae world that they are equally matched as well. They are really interesting relationships. It’s hard to brush over them and say this one is like this or this one is like that. They’re all really connected. And I like that Dyson and Lauren have developed a relationship and connection over the years. You know it was a bit of a rivalry in the beginning, now it’s not really a rivalry. It’s like, they get their predicament of falling for Bo.


AE: Right, they can commiserate together. So Lauren giving Bo the necklace last season, and Bo wearing it, seemed like a real sign of some sort of commitment. Will we see that play out more next season?
AS: We will, we will. Yes (pauses and laughs) it’s a very special necklace. Gosh, what can I say about that? All I can say is we will. I can’t go further with that one.