“Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project” recap (1.2): Let’s Kill Some Dreams

Speaking of Noah, Linda has been struggling to make a connection with him. They sit down at the piano together and start to improvise while Linda encourages him to just feel. He gets really serious and attempts to emote, but Linda doesn’t think he’s giving her authentic emotion. He shows these little sparks of what she wants to see but then he instinctually pulls back. Noah is a process guy, and laying all his feelings out on the table is not something he’s super comfortable with.


Linda is also still struggling to connect with Gabriel. Her main beef with him is that he doesn’t write his own music. He’s very honest and admits that he’s afraid that he’s not good enough. Linda encourages him to let the emotions come to him because that is where success ultimately lies. Music shouldn’t be about paying rent. “You’re living your life through other peoples’ eyes,” she tells him. Linda sets down a new rule for Gabriel: No more covers. Write a damn song.


Linda has been with the musicians for a few days now and has made some decisions about their future. One of those decisions is she is sending someone home. “I don’t like doing this but it’s time to kill someone’s dream,” Linda declares and my heart sinks a little. At least she’s being honest. It is a dream killer. Anyone who has ever had their dream crushed into a million pieces (ahem) can tell you, it’s not easy to move past. As she gathers the musicians, she reminds them that she’s a real nurturer, but the kind who will smack you in the mouth. Linda thinks Noah is too green and detached and thus not ready to work with her, so she sends him packing. He’s speechless, as are the rest of the musicians. This certainly changes the game for everyone. Anyone could be gone tomorrow. As Noah packs his bags and leaves, Linda tells the camera that she doesn’t doubt he’s got the potential to record a great album, it just won’t be with her.


On the next Linda Perry Project, is romance in the air?