Morning Brew – Lea DeLaria cooks her family gravy recipe for “BK Beats & Eats”

Good morning!

Christina Hendricks stopped by a modern office in her Mad Men look and out comic Janine Brito‘s dreams came true.

Love that message.

Anna Pulley tried Cosmo‘s lesbian sex tips so you don’t have to. Pretty hilarious.

Some reviews of L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin hit the web today (besides ours, of course): Slate hates the title but loves the movie while The Daily Beast calls it “a warning.”

In other Ilene Chaiken news, Black Box has been cancelled.

Fun Home is coming back to Broadway this spring, beginning April 4, 2015 at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre. F yeah!

"Fun Home " demonstration at College of Charleston

Kim Ehly‘s Baby GirL is making its debut at the NYC Fringe Festival tonight.

The Better Half‘s Amy Jackson Lewis was interviewed for Mr. Natty’s Electronic Barbershop.

A review of the new Doctor Who says that Madame Vastra and Jenny are “heroes in a family show.”

It’s no spoiler to say that Vastra, Jenny and Strax are back. They’re the modern, or rather 19th-century, equivalent of Unit (the show’s military/scientific corps first seen in 1968) in that they give the Doctor a temporary grounding. Vastra even spouts the Brigadier’s line from the 1974 Pertwee/Baker changeover: “Here we go again.” In fact there are several nods to the past: other 70s adventures and a small link to David Tennant’s first season.

Also, they totally kiss.

Out comic Ever Mainard appeared on a web series called Massage Mustard and results are comical.

JLo‘s sexy birthday cake (I never thought I’d write that sentence) was designed by out cake designer Samantha (Sam) Brooks of SamiCakes Boutique.

Tig Notaro joined comedian Andy Daley and host Chris Hardwick for a parody of Talking Dead on Conan. The segment is “Talking Bread.” Things get a little dirty.

Brandi Carlile has a new children’s book about her niece called Caroline (yes, like the song). You can pre-order a copy (or an autographed copy) today.


Lea DeLaria is the first guest on a new food and music series called BK Beats & Eats. Lea takes cameras home to learn her family recipe for gravy while hitting on the host.

Charice was at San Diego Pride recently and talked about how much she hated living in the closet.

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