Forget the SATs, it’s all about the Bionic Assessment Test

Via Pop Candy, I came across the Bionic Assessment Test, which is a blatant marketing tool for NBC’s upcoming Bionic Woman (as though all the pictures of Katee Sackhoff and Michelle Ryan haven’t been enough to drown out the mixed reviews and bad casting), but also a fun way to spend a few minutes.

The test has you add and subtract as quickly as you can, repeat short series of tones, and remember ridiculous details about images that flash across the screen for seconds. You also have to type words according to a disorganized keyboard pattern, ignoring all previous QWERTY training. It reminded me of trying to trace something in a mirror or to look cute in high school gym class — much harder than it should be.

But even though the screwy keyboard made my brain feel like it was going to explode, I am apparently a somewhat frightening 82% bionic. This really indicates more about my computer geekiness than my ability to kick butt (unless Danica McKellar has taken over the universe and kicking butt now requires speed math), because I’m sure Jamie Sommers and Sarah Corvis could take me down any day.

In fact, why don’t they? Katee? Michelle? Over here!

So, readers, how bionic are you? Go to, then report back here. Maybe by then my fellow bionic women will have appeared. (A girl can dream, right?)