“Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project” recap (1.6): Everybody Hurts

If you thought last week’s Linda Perry Project was rife with drama, well you haven’t seen anything yet. In the previous episode, Aimee finally came clean about wanting to leave Hunter Valentine, and her bandmates Kiyomi and Laura were left to deal with a shattered band. There is something about Aimee’s situation that speaks to Linda, so she asks Aimee to sit down and sing it out. When they do, it managed to crack Aimee wide open. Tears and emotions come spilling out, which is exactly what Linda likes to see. Linda asks Aimee to sing her song with the full house band, including Hunter Valentine. Kiyomi and Laura can’t quite believe what is happening, but they go along with it. Afterwards, Linda invites Aimee to stay on as a solo artist, which inflames an already tense situation. Aimee agrees in spite of the obvious bad blood she will have to deal with.


Anjuli has done some serious soul searching and has taken Linda’s advice to heart. It’s time to open up, and in their next session she does. Her voice is all over the place and interrupted by sobs, but the emotion is there and Linda is satisfied with the results.


Kiyomi and Laura decide to call their manager to let her know that Aimee has left the band, but stayed on to pursue her own career. The manager is furious and reminds the women that as Canadians, they are working in the states on visas. If Aimee no longer works for Hunter Valentine, her visa is no longer valid. Kiyomi takes a little delight in letting an unsuspecting Aimee know that her visa is no more. Aimee flips out, furiously packing and pacing. Anjuli and some of the other musicians try to calm her and suggest trying to find Linda. Later on, Laura sits down with Aimee, who is now simply fuming. To the camera, Laura expresses little sympathy for Aimee’s situation. She does however, act a teensy bit remorseful when she finds out how Kiyomi told Aimee about the whole situation. Kiyomi finds Aimee to clarify the semantics, but the two women just end up fighting more.


Linda is stressing about how to deal with Omar. Candice is rocking it, getting better everyday and writing powerful songs, but Nick is having trouble keeping up. Linda calls a meeting with the band and asks to speak with Candice first. Linda is straight with her about her intentions. Either Candice needs to move on as a solo artist and stay, or leave with Nick. Tears stream down Candice’s face, but she knows that Linda is thinking of her future.


When Nick joins them, Linda lets him know that she thinks that Candice would be better off as a solo artist. Nick is naturally upset, but also a good enough person and friend to know that letting Candice move on without him would be the biggest gift he could possibly give her. He selflessly agrees to leave and wishes Candice nothing but the absolute best. Later, while Linda is alone, she has a very emotional moment with the camera confessional. When 4 Non Blondes was starting out, a producer advised them to lose their original drummer because she wasn’t on the same level as the rest of the band. It broke Linda’s heart at the time, and now she feels that pain all over again, by doing something she swore she’s never do as a producer. Break up a band.


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