Morning Brew – Out country musician Brandy Clark nominated for CMA’s Best New Artist

Good morning! For today’s #TBT, a photo from the first ever Pride parade, aka Christopher Street Liberation Day, 1970.

Christopher Street Liberation Day, 1970

Tomorrow we’ll have our last live chat with Hunter Valentine‘s Kiyomi McCloskey and Laura Petracca. Get your questions asked by using #askhv on Twitter and join us at 12:30 ET on Friday.

There’s only but a glimpse of Kalinda in the new Good Wife promo, but we’ll take it!

Fortune Feimster stars in a new parody video of “Meeting in the Ladies’ Room” that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

Wow, talk about a different kind of love story! Margarita with a Straw follows Laila, a writer with cerebral palsy, who falls in love with a female activist named Khanum.

Congrats to Jenny Shimizu and Michelle Harper on their wedding! You have to imagine Jenny had a good laugh when she found out her ex Angelina Jolie got married the same week.

Whatever is happening here with Ellen Page and Kate Mara, I approve.

Out has a great profile of Sarah Waters.


Brandy Clark has been nominated for Best New Artist and Best Song (“Follow Your Arrow”) at the Country Music Association Awards. An out lesbian being nominated as Best New Artist certainly has to be a first!

Brandy Clark Performance And Autograph Signing

So amazing. Congrats Brandy!

Jane Lynch will be guesting on the new season of Portlandia, looking like this.

The number of homeless LGBTQ youth is rising, and it’s largely because their parents kick them out due to religious reasons. This Rolling Stone piece follows a young lesbian named Jackie, and is a must-read.

Defiance‘s Jaime Murray talked about Stahma’s love for Kenya with HuffPo.

The whole Kenya thing — I made that joke [in 2013] at Comic-Con, “Just because you kill someone doesn’t mean you didn’t love them.” … I think it’s more interesting if she did. I don’t necessarily know that she knew what that feeling was until after the fact. The sorrow of the loss and missing her has made her realize — that’s what that feeling was. There was intimacy there, and she was falling for her, but she was also playing her the whole time.


Raven Symone donned some drag for a new photoshoot.

Brache the Silence is raising funds for their work fighting homophobia in sports.

Controversial UK lesbian writer Julie Bindel is interviewed on this series, A Talking Shop.

This is the first year ever that LGBT groups can march in the NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Yep, 2014.

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