Five reasons you need to watch “Gotham”

Gotham, the most-hyped TV show this fall, premieres tonight on Fox. The new superhero drama follows Detective James Gordon as he tries to solve the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. But the origin of Batman isn’t the only thing Gotham will explore; it also promises to show us the early days of some of the most dastardly villains, including Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Joker and Poison Ivy. Awesome, right? Well, it gets awesome-er. Below are five reasons you really need to watch.

1. Renee Montoya


Renee Montoya was introduced to the Batverse in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and then integrated into DC’s written world where, under the very steady hand of Greg Rucka, she was outed as a lesbian. Her coming out process was rough; her family disowned her and her career suffered and she was framed for murdering the guy who was framed for outing her. On Gotham, though, Montoya will be openly gay from the pilot episode onward. Montoya is the first lesbian in Batman’s live-action cinematic universe. She’s also a badass detective who, in the comic books at least, goes on to become a real deal superhero called The Question.

2. Renee Montoya is Kate Kane’s ex-girlfriend


Yes, that Kate Kane. Batwoman. I will spend a month in Arkham Asylum if Kate makes it off of the page and onto the show.

3. Holy diversity, ladies!


But Renee Montoya, played by Victoria Cartagena, isn’t the only barrier-breaking character on Gotham. The show will also feature two other women of color in recurring roles. Jada Pinkett Smith plays mobster Fish Mooney. And Zabryna Guevara plays GCPD boss Captain Sarah Essen. But wait, more ladies! We’ve also got Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Clare Foley as Ivy Pepper (Poison Ivy).

4. Holy sexuality spectrum?


Jada Pinkett Smith told The Advocate: “It’s a new day when we can have a show on television that is not afraid to explore various sexual orientations of women. Let us hope that this is a path toward even more change in regard to the perceptions of female sexuality, as well as our bodies in relation to sex.” I’m excited to find out what the heck that means!

5. Poison Ivy


In various Batman comic books and cartoons, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are very, very, very obviously in love with each other. Poison Ivy is just a preteen in Gotham, but it would be really interesting to see the beginnings of her relationship with Harley, who hasn’t been cast on the show just yet, but will surely be making an appearance before too long.

We’ll be live-tweeting the show with the hashtag #Gaytham tonight at 8pm! Will you join us?