The best “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” #superqueeros tweets from “Shadows”

One of the weird things about living in the Golden Age of Television is sometimes you don’t remember to miss the things you love the most, but as soon as Simmons’ and May’s and Skye’s faces showed up on my TV last night, my heart filled up to bursting levels. And then, to make life even better, Lucy Lawless added her perfect face to the mix. It was a rough night for lesbian/bi TV viewers (glaring at you, Chicago Fire), but at least our ragtag team of kickass Marvel ladies is back in our life. (Although I will confess that I read so much Skimmons fic in the off-season that it took me a few minutes to adjust to canon reality.)


Your tweets!

Full recap coming at you this afternoon!

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