“Once Upon A Time” recap (4.2): Some People Are Worth Melting (Walls) For

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Anna left Elsa to go explore Mist Haven, Emma felt too guilty about making Regina sad to hook up with Hook, and Elsa found herself in Storybrooke looking for Anna.

After averting everyone’s attention with Marshmallow the Snow Monster, Elsa finds Anna’s necklace in Gold’s shop and vows to find her sister. She helpfully speaks out loud and promises no one will leave Storybrooke until the sisters are reunited, putting up an ice barrier along the town line, as if anyone would ever try to cross the borders anyway and risk things like losing their memory or getting kidnapped by flying monkeys.

OUAT 402-1This very unique snowflake necklace is surely Anna’s!

Flash back to the Enchanted Forest, when Charming was David and David had long hair. Anna strolls up to David’s farm and says she comes from Arendelle. She introduces herself as Joan, surely named after one of her favorite portraits, and tries oh so hard to play it cool. David knows Kristoff, turns out, and therefore knows more about Anna than she thought he would, putting a small wrench in her plans for a Secret Mission. He offers to let her stay in his barn and warns her about the local mob boss, Little Bo Peep.

In present-day Storybrooke, Henry has a care package he wants to give to Regina (who he thankfully is still calling his mom) because he read it can help with heartbreak. He’s about to go off to see her when they receive a message by crow telling Henry that Regina doesn’t want to see him right now. By crow! I know they all have cell phones! But I guess I would do things magically all the time if I could. Emma tries to console Henry and explain that Regina just needs some space. She’s had a rough…forever. But Henry isn’t feeling particularly consoled.

The power cuts out and Emma tries to distract Henry to make him stop reminding her of how she hurt Regina by saying they can figure out what cut the power using code names like Operation Night Shade or Operation Blackthorn but Henry isn’t interested. David points out that Henry has two moms and they both put up walls and sulk when they’re upset, so of course Henry does the same.

Emma and Charming find Elsa’s frozen gates, which had cut into some power lines, causing the blackout. Elsa is hiding and being all scared yet adorable.

OUAT 402-2Peek-a-boo!