“Transparent” recap (1.9): Looking Up

It’s obvious why 1994 is the seminal year for the flashbacks throughout the seasonit was the foundation for Maura transformation into her true self, including her admission to Shelly that she attended a cross-dressing camp. She has hopes that Shelly could even conceive of attending with her next year. Shelly is flabbergasted at the idea of straight men parading around in dresses. The truth is she’s just done.

In the aftermath of the Josh/Bianca pool and pot evening, Tammy has Sarah flushing her newly purchased medical marijuana down the drain. Tammy mentions the fact that she’s an addict, and though cocaine was her pick of the trade, anything in the house that could be a trigger for her is bad news. Sarah obliges and apologizes. Tammy can be a little bit overdramatic but I’m glad it’s all she can do to let out a chuckle as Sarah flushes the last of her bud. Meanwhile, Bianca is kicked out of the house for her bad behavior and hopes she can take up couch residency at Josh’s pad for a few nights. He’s down, so long as she doesn’t fuck with his vinyls.


While Maura and Shelly are getting cozy at Shelly’s place, quietly figuring out what to do with Ed, who is now in a hospice situation where he’s seemingly at his end, Sarah takes the kids over to Len’s where she vents about Tammy’s mod style and how much she misses her plush couch (and her plush kush.) Len whips out a vaporizer pen, because, duh, Len smokes, too, and apparently after years and years of marriage, Sarah never knew. Or maybe it’s just a new thing he’s trying out. Either way, Sarah’s wheels start turning. Upstairs in the old marital bedroom, the two get stoned off Len’s pen. (Ew.) Len has a hot date with his secretary, Melanie Torez. Sarah wants all the details—especially on her tits, and if Len’s wanted to “toss it in” for the last four years she’s been working for him. Len gives up the goods and explains they’re small-ish, and Sarah asks if he couldn’t handle her big boobs. Len throws back a little sarcasm. And then Sarah rolls over, grabbing herself and shouting:

Sarah: Tammy loves these mammerjammers!
Len: Tammy and I agree on one thing, well, we agree on two things—both of your tits.