“Once Upon A Time” recap (4.6): We make a family, yes?

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Elsa from Frozen is searching for Anna from Frozen and accidentally made half of Storybrooke Frozen and then a lady had a frozen ice cream shop and made Marian frozen. Hashtag Once is Frozen.

We open an indeterminate amount of time ago in the Enchanted Forest, where a woman is frantically packing books as the sounds of tumult shake her castle. Guards storm in and try to get her to leave, but she has to save the books…and her daughter. Belle rushes in and says sorry she delayed their escape from certain doom, but there was a book she too wanted to save, a physical reminder of memories she wanted to hold onto. Her mother tells her that’s nice but they’re going to get slaughtered if they don’t skidaddle but it’s too late; the ogres are in the castle.

OUAT 406-1It’s like the movie “In Time” when Olivia Wilde was Justin Timberlake’s mom even though they’re the same age.

They hide under a table and the ogre stomps into the room. As the ogre’s mean ol’ face appears with a roar, Belle wakes up in her bed crying out her mother’s name. She rushes out and finds her father, and asks where her mother is, and her father asks her if she really doesn’t remember what happened. The crowd parts and Belle sees her mother’s coffin in the middle of the room.

Flash forward to Storybrooke, where Mr. Gold is putting his Starbox in his safe. Belle comes in and says that Emma has reached out, there’s something important they both need to see. Emma shows them, and the rest of the ever-growing Scooby Gang, the video from her foster home. They brainstorm a little about how Madame Scoops could have gotten to Storybrooke and why, but no one seems to have any viable theories.

OUAT 406-2We’re doomed.

David The Useless just gets finished saying they’ve searched everywhere, when Henry suggests they check her ice cream truck. The two Sheriffs, along with every other lifetime citizen of Storybrooke, had no idea such a truck existed.

Belle says she’s going to do some research at the library, for old times’ sake, and Elsa asks if she can go with her, probably because she succeeded in putting Emma and Regina on the path to heal their relationship and doesn’t want to third wheel it again.

Flashback Belle does not take well to the news that she’s missing memories of her mother dying. For some reason, she wants to get this memories back, even though they’re probably traumatizing, and even though she will have to travel to a strange land to talk to strange creatures to do so. Her father tells her that magic comes with a price, but she doesn’t care. He tells her to stay in her room, but she doesn’t listen and heads off to Arendelle anyway; a trait that will one day reward her with a performance by singing and dancing dinnerware.

Meanwhile, still in the flashback, but in Arendelle, Anna and Elsa are reunited after Anna’s quest for answers. Elsa asks what Anna learned, but Anna lies and says she didn’t learn anything, but that she’s waiting on answers, wisely giving herself an out for whenever she does decide to tell the truth. Anna notices that her not-great news didn’t cause a mini indoor blizzard and Elsa proudly says she’s been learning to control her powers with a little help. As if she had been waiting for her cue, Auntie Scoops appears.

Anna’s eyes bug out and she starts mumbling and stammering and Elsa has to tell her to put it back in her pants, this woman is their aunt, Ingrid. Anna has some of the same hangups Elsa did at first, namely that their mother never mentioned having a sister.

OUAT 406-3 Also is cleavage hereditary?

Ingrid briefly explains that she was trapped in an urn and demonstrates her snowflake powers, but where this gave Elsa all the answers she needed, it gave Anna more questions. Anna goes to Kristoff to express her suspicions, saying she wants to make sure the woman isn’t an imposter before she just goes in blindly trusting people. Besides, she’s a really good judge of character. Kristoff reminds her of the whole Hans ordeal and Anna says that she is older and wiser now.

Anna says she wants to go off to ask the rock trolls to clear things up, and fills Kristoff in on the version of the truth she told Elsa, lest he open his big mouth with his new best friend. He understands, and offers to help her get supplies, but she says she’ll just swing by Oaken’s on the way.

Unfortunately for pretty much everyone involved, Auntie Ingrid overheard the entire exchange about Anna’s mistrust.

Flash forward to Storybrooke, where Madame Scoops is still lurking about, this time secretly watching Team Charming discover her ice cream truck. Robin Hood chooses this moment to ask Regina if they can talk and Regina snaps that she’s a little busy in case he hadn’t noticed. Emma tells her that she could have been nicer about that, but Regina is all, “How do you expect me to be nice to anyone when I have to watch Captain Guyliner drool all over you?” Emma makes a mental note to make it up to her later and gets back to the task at hand.

OUAT 406-4I like to imagine they exchanged a secret hand squeeze here.

Inside the truck, they find a locked freezer. Killian, ironically more handy without his hand, smashes it open with his hook. Inside the freezer is a file full of things about Emma, starting from the newspaper clipping about the day she was found as an infant.