“The Real World: Skeletons” has a Staten Island lesbian housemate


MTV announced the new cast of The Real World: Skeletons today, which filmed in an urban loft in Chicago. The long-running reality series has a new title based on the roommates “skeletons in their closets,” described as “shattered lives, broken relationships, estranged family members, and dark secrets. They soon discover they cannot run away from their past mistakes as unresolved issues and abhorrent behavior are pushed to the surface as the ‘last person on earth’ they wanted to see, comes knocking on their door.”

Among the seven strangers is Nicole, a 23-year-old from New York. Her bio:

Aggressive and loud, with a thick Staten Island accent, this is the first time Nicole has been away from her home and her triplet sisters. Extremely competitive, she works as an EMT “saving lives” and as a single lesbian she claims she can “steal your girlfriend.”


Triplets!? This should be interesting. According to her extended bio, Nicole was “the first female on her football team” and, even though she lives with both of her sisters at home, she “doesn’t know how to vacuum, do laundry, or clean dishes.”

Coming from a traditional Italian family and with her two sisters now both engaged, Nicole is feeling the heat to start settling down but can’t shake her player ways. When she’s not hooking up with the flavor of the week, she spends most her time in the gym training to become a fire fighter. Nicole can’t wait to bring a whole lot of Staten Island to Chicago…”we’re all just a bunch of animals here!”

The show doesn’t premiere until Tuesday, December 16, but this teaser indicates that all kinds of exes and people from the housemates’ past will show up to make things more interesting.

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None of the other women in the loft sound like they are interested in women, but you never know on The Real World. Follow Nicole on Twitter @n_zanatta.