Gillian Anderson returns to our TV screens in Season 2 of “The Fall”

Have you been watching The Fall? No, not the fall I took on the way to the vending machine the other day. The Fall, the British crime drama starring Agent Scully Gillian Anderson. The limited-run series ran for a short five episodes last year on BBC Two. And now it’s back for its second season, starting tonight in the UK.


We sung the praises of the first season already, commenting on Anderson’s exceptional work and the cutie lesbian police constable character played by Niamh McGrady. Also there’s Archie Panjabi on a motorcycle. The series was picked up by Netflix last year for U.S. audiences and the second season will stream on January 16, 2015.


The slow-burn cat-and-mouse serial killer drama picks up where it left off with its second season. Anderson’s detective superintendent Stella Gibson is still looking for Jamie Dornan’s (yes, that guy from 50 Shades of Grey) woman-killing character Paul Spector.

The first clip from the new season also reminds us to remember these women, and not just what this man has done to them.

As much as this is yet another show that shows terrible, horrible things happening to women, it’s also a show that gives women and its female characters incredible advocacy. None is stronger than Anderson’s Gibson. The detective is something rare indeed in our media landscape–a smart, capable, sexually active heroine who doesn’t give a flying fuck whether you like her or not.


To catch you up/remind you of what’s happened so far, Spector is a bereavement counselor with a wife and two children. He seems nice enough except for his habit of stalking and killing beautiful, young professional women. Gibson has been called in to assist the local police after their investigation stalls. She is as good at her job as she is hard on all forms of bullshit–particularly sexist bullshit that comes from being a sexually active woman in her still far too male-dominated field. By the end of the first season, with the investigation closing in on him, Spector calls Gibson and vows that his spree is over and then drives off into the sunset with his family.

But we know that won’t last. The new season has made some cast additions. Colin Morgan (Merlin from Merlin) joins as a detective who works with Gibson. And the official cast photos also show us a new police constable named Hagstrom (played by Irish actress Kelly Gough).


My most fervent wish for Season 2–other than the impossible dream of having Anderson and Panjabi’s characters hook up–is that PC Hagstrom is also into the ladies and possible McGrady’s PC Ferrington. I mean, come on, she pings you like crazy, right?


To see if this happens, and everything else, I will be recapping this season of The Fall. New recaps should run the Monday after the episode airs each week. So, are you excited for the new season? And, don’t worry, if you call in sick from work today you can still catch up by streaming the entire first season on Netflix. There’s time.