“The Good Wife” recap (6.9): Closeted Dinosaurs

Every politician needs a good ad campaign, even Alicia Florrick. So that’s why Johnny Elfman has brought in Josh Mariner, one of the best in the business, to come up with ads that will put Alicia in the exact light they want her to be portrayed. She’s a woman of the people–cue the constituent hugging her. She’s been touched by unspeakable violence–cue the sad Irish dirge playing while Finn opens his heart about the courtroom shooting, and watching Will die in his arms. When Alicia actually sees the footage, she resists. She doesn’t want to talk about the shooting, but Johnny thinks it’s a necessary side of Alicia to show the voters. Even Alicia’s body woman, Marissa, thinks it’s too much. Josh counters that Frank Prady will be pulling out all the stops, and won’t be afraid to emotionally manipulate the voters, so why should she. Also, they need to set up an interview with Alicia and Peter to help squash those pesky rumors that their marriage is a disaster.

Cary and Diane sit in FBI Agent Harper’s office, where they have been summoned to talk about Lemond Bishop. As usual, Cary refuses to give up any of the goods on Bishop, so Agent Harper pulls out the big guns. Well, not literally. He calls Lana Delaney into the office, which couldn’t be more awkward. Lana plays a wiretap of Bishop ordering one of his men to execute Cary that week. Cary tells Agent Baker to arrest Bishop, but the FBI dude tells him it’s not that simple. Lana warns Cary to take this threat seriously. “Next time you do this, don’t have the woman who is sleeping with my girlfriend break it to me,” Cary tells Agent Baker as he walks out the door. Oh Cary, only you would be so focused on your relationship woes, that a murder plot is secondary on your list.


Cary doesn’t think the tape is legit because Bishop was supposedly out of town the day of the recording. Diane breaks the news to Kalinda and orders her full attention on Bishop’s comings and goings. For Cary’s protection, Kalinda suggests they hire a body guard, and Diane agrees.

When Alicia arrives at the office, Frank Prady is waiting for her. He has something he wants to discuss privately, away from the meddling eyes and ears of their campaign managers. In Alicia’s office, Prady presents her with a box. (It’s full of secrets!) Castro’s campaign gave it to him when Castro stepped out of the race, and within its cardboard walls are enough goods to bring Alicia’s campaign to a screeching halt. He offers her the box, and asks if they can run a clean campaign, without the standard negative ads. Alicia doesn’t know what to make of Prady, especially since he’s already ahead in the polls. Prady says he simply wants to win fair and square, and leaves his personal cell number for Alicia to call, anytime.

When Cary is finally alone, he can’t help but imagine scenarios where he’s assassinated in broad daylight. The hallway to his apartment suddenly feels quite sinister. He thinks perhaps there is someone in his place, and Kalinda calls to confirm that it’s her. In spite of the judges order, she’s walked through and made sure the coast is clear. She also introduces Cary to his bodyguard, Carter Grayson. Cary recognizes Grayson from his fame as a college football player, and is a little star struck. Cary gets all smiley with Kalinda because she’s showing that she cares, just like he wanted her to. Just because a gal doesn’t want to be exclusive, doesn’t mean she wants to see you dead, Cary.


Alicia agonizes over opening the box Prady gave her, but after a couple glasses of wine, she gives in and tears into it. Inside are some pictures of Finn and Will, but those are old news. What really rattles Alicia are the pictures of Peter and their old friend Ramona canoodling, and a lot more. She calls Peter, but when he picks up, she loses her nerve and simply asks him to make time for an interview segment for her ad.

The next day, Johnny and Josh show Alicia a ridiculous attack ad against Prady, where he is a lumbering gay dinosaur, terrorizing Chicago. Alicia hates it, which makes Josh even more frustrated. When she gets Johnny alone, she tells him about Prady’s visit to her office. He’s worried that Prady is just trying to get in her head, but Alicia thinks he is sincere. She shows Johnny the box and denies opening it. She also nixes the dinosaur spot.


Cary and Carter arrive at Florrick Agos Lockhart, just in time to run right into Bishop and his new attorney. After an awkward exchange, Cary worries that Bishop will assume he has a bodyguard because he’s turning on him, so he calls Kalinda. Kalinda is of course, with Lana (who is busy tucking in her shirt and freshening up). Lana tells Kalinda about Cary’s little outburst in front of her boss, and Kalinda pushes Lana about the wiretap. She wants a copy to prove it’s not a fake, which Lana doesn’t really see as a rousing vote of confidence, so she leaves without another word.