Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (Sept. 7, 2007)

This week here! TV released their promo for the upcoming third season of Dante’s Cove, which premieres Oct. 19, but before I let you feast your eyes on this tidbit of trashy goodness, let me take you on a brief trip back in time to set the scene.

Once upon a time, there was a hotel on a magical island, where lots of hot gay guys came to romp in the surf (all puns intended). At first there weren’t a lot of ladies joining them, but as the magic started brewing, the lesbians began arriving — because you cannot have witchiness without women. It’s like a law of Magyck or something.

In Season 2, Thea Gill (Queer as Folk) and Michelle Wolff (Mango Kiss) joined the cast, and in the upcoming third season, even more ladies will enjoy some fun in the sun. Let’s review the out lesbian actresses who will be playing with magic this season:

Jenny Shimizu (left) joins the cast as Elena, a newcomer who is involved with Britt, played by Michelle Wolff (center), bartender/oceanographer (of course). And Jill Bennett (right), whom you all should know and love from our vlog We’re Getting Nowhere, takes over the role of Michelle (originally played by Erin Cummings).

Courtesy of here! Networks/John Skalicky

In the trailer for Season 3, the voice-of-God voiceover tells us that “a new threat has been uncovered” in Dante’s Cove, “where magic is in every touch, and love and power can be stolen.”

Wow. Sounds like Dynasty meets Hex, to me. Watch it here for yourself (and keep an eye out for the smooching — Jill gets around!):

You know what this means? There is finally enough estrogen to make a difference in Dante’s Cove. (And that, in turn, means that they’re going to get the recap treatment this fall — watch for bad machine’s Dante’s Cove recaps starting in October.)

Sure, the men may have had their fun in previous seasons, but let’s face it: If you want to work some serious magic, you need some women. ‘Cause nothing’s as dangerous as a hot witch in a bikini.