Getting a fix on “The Fixer”

ABC apparently noticed the success of recent cable shows with strong women as leads. The network has ordered a script about the most powerful woman in New York — The Fixer. Russell Gewirtz, who wrote Inside Man, will write and produce the pilot. The show’s lead character was inspired in part by Madeline White, Jodie Foster’s character in Inside Man.

Although Madeline’s character was not fleshed out in the movie, we know that she was in the business of cleaning up image problems for her clients — at any cost. Foster even described Madeline as a “fixer figure” in an interview for Inside Man. Gewirtz says that the woman at the center of The Fixer is “a single mother who is very clever, influential and powerful.” And, like Madeline White, she is morally ambiguous. No word on sexual orientation, but given the character profile, I’m not sure we want her to be the network’s first leading lesbian.

The important question for us, of course, is who will play The Fixer? Stepping into a role associated with Jodie will be no picnic (just ask Julianne Moore), so the actress needs some powerful acting chops to make it her own. The first person to come to mind, unfortunately, is already headed to another ABC show.

Can’t you just see Dana Delany as a smart, sexy, manipulative power broker? She could even wear that suit she almost took off when her Senator Grisham seduced Bette. Excuse me; I need a moment.

Another TV powerhouse we haven’t seen enough lately is Sela Ward.

She seems to be available. If only she were available to me.

Perhaps ABC will try to woo a film star to the small screen to join Kyra Sedgwick, Glenn Close and Holly Hunter. I know this one’s a long shot, but just think … Halle.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a woman of color in this role? Sure, Berry is pregnant, but maybe she’ll be ready to work by the time The Fixer starts shooting.

Or how about the actress (and LGBT advocate) who plays smart, sexy and manipulative like she invented it?

Sharon Stone

And because I think she’s incredibly hot and I’d love to see her every week:

Diane Lane

Who else? Who would you like to see play The Fixer?