The Bionic workout does the body good. Very, very good.

Bionic: bi·on·ic; adj.

1. of or relating to bionics

2. having normal biological capability or performance enhanced by or as if by electronic or electromechanical devices

3. being hot, so freaking hot

Wow. The new Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan is making me rethink the dictionary definition and then some. If I had to put a polite disclaimer on yesterday’s post, then we’re going to have to go DEFCON 4 for today’s. I mean it, this could require military intervention and full-scale quarantine. Good thing Michelle has been working out.

One armed pull-ups? That is so hot, I think we need to see it again.

Uh, damn. These new episodes stills from the second episode of Bionic Woman almost make me forget that Isaiah Washington was added to the cast to interrupt all of our happy gay daydreams. Perhaps showrunner David Eick will make amends by having Jaime Sommers kick his character’s ass. Hey, if you’re going to dream, dream big.

The new series has seen some significant changes and revisions since its pilot received less-than-glowing reviews at TCA earlier this summer. These include replacing the actress who played Jaime’s sister (and changing her from deaf to a computer hacker, because they’re so interchangeable). I’ve also noticed a not-so-subtle sexing up of Michelle in the promo pictures. On the left, the original publicity shot; on your right, version 2.0.

The new, vampier Michelle only makes sense, since nothing says “I have super-human cyborg strength and can crush you with my bare hands” like full, lustrous hair and plump, pouty lips, right? Hmmm. Last week another possibly troubling development emerged: Glen Morgan, one of the show’s executive producers, abruptly left the series with network brass citing that old chestnut “creative differences.” Eick, who is also the man behind Battlestar Galactica, assured reporters in a conference call last week that all was still ship-shape with cast and crew.

One thing hasn’t changed: Fellow Battlestar Galactica stowaway Katee Sackhoff will still appear as Jaime’s bionic nemesis. I’m normally a pacifist, but whenever these two square off, I’ll be the first one screaming “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

As for Michelle, I must admit I’m not familiar with her previous work. I never watched EastEnders and can’t remember her from Mansfield Park. The self-described adrenaline junkie told reporters during the same conference call that she relishes the physical role and being a tomboy on screen. Also, she might have a thing for Angelina Jolie. I’m just saying.

“I just love the character. I feel of all the parts I have ever played, this is a favorite. I feel like it is great. I love the fact that Jaime is a tomboy. She is in her trousers and her jackets. Yes, she is sexy, and yes, she is smart, but she is very much a model woman in the fact that she doesn’t need to flaunt that. She doesn’t flirt to get what she wants. She is direct and smart. I am always drawn to strong characters. I watched Angelina Jolie on “Tomb Raider.” I feel good about myself. I want to be like that and I want to be strong.”

Consider me officially sold. Bring on the bionics, baby.