Kissed by an alien on “Torchwood”

Sci-fi fans probably already know a little BBC hit called Torchwood, a spin-off of the series Doctor Who. Torchwood (an anagram for Doctor Who, because yeah, they are that geeky), follows the adventures of an elite special ops team as they investigate alien phenomenon in the city of Cardiff, Wales — which, as any intergalatic tourist book will tell you, is the place to be if you’re an alien looking for a time-space rift.

Now available on BBC America, the same broadcaster that brings shows from across the pond with names like Drunk on the Job and Love Me, Love My Doll (don’t you just love the programming people at the BBC?), Torchwood doesn’t offer just fast-paced stories, alien gadgetry and quippy dialogue delivered with neat-o accents.

Because the show features a multi-omni-pan-whatever-sexual leader named Captain Jack, played by an openly out actor (John Barrowman), it’s being recapped over on our brother site, But the story lines delve into very fluid ideas of sexuality for all the Torchwoodies. Take Episode 2, “Day One,” for example.

An alien is loose and inhabiting a young woman’s body. The alien feeds off of orgasmic energy. Once captured, the alien is interrogated by Torchwood‘s newest member, Gwen. Here, Gwen appears to be conducting a cavity search using her tongue. Actually, she’s under the alien’s thrall. It’s hard to explain.

Interested? Torchwood airs on BBC America on Saturdays, 9:00 p.m. ET, with repeat broadcasts through the week.